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Busy Blankets

Busy Blankets

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Busy Blankets - a source of comfort for those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Metis has thrown its weight behind Alzheimer's South Africa and we are looking to raise funds for our Busy Blanket event, which will take place on the 25th of November 2017.

For those who don't know, this amazing project will see us create busy blankets, also commonly known as fidget blankets, for patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

People suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia usually become fidgety and they constantly look for something to touch or hold. When they can't find anything they become agitated or anxious, but research has found that a busy blanket, which is usually very colourful and comes with zippers or buttons, can help lower stress levels.

Our aim is to create 100 blankets as each blanket costs approximately R100 to make. That's why we are appealing to family, friends, clients, acquaintances, community members, and even strangers to support this campaign. 

The R100 will be spent on items such as the actual fleece blanket, embellishments to go on the blanket such as zippers, tassles, pockets, velcro, keys, coins, buttons, shoelaces, ribbons, string for plaiting, toggles, beads, different types of fabrics and anything else that will contribute to making the best busy blanket possible for the Alzheimer's patients. 

The aim is to raise funds to create these blankets at our event in November, which will then be donated to Alzheimer's South Africa. Every contribution makes a big difference to us and the cause, so we thank you for helping us in every and anyway possible!


Name Comment Date Amount
Fox & Wolf Great initiative - well done Metis! Nov 15, 2017 R 1 028.20
Wallace Family With Love Oct 17, 2017 R 1 000.00
Carl Thank You Metis Oct 06, 2017 USD $ 7.68
Carmille Great cause, Metis! Oct 02, 2017 R 110.00
Sandy For my Avó <3 Sep 28, 2017 R 514.10
Thumper :) Sep 28, 2017 R 205.64
G & Louise Super awesome initiative, nice one CCB Sep 27, 2017 USD $ 21.04
Raymond Bowyer To bring comfort and contentment daily Sep 27, 2017 USD $ 15.75
Charné Venter with a grateful heart! Sep 13, 2017 R 411.28
21st Century Great intervention Metis!! Sep 11, 2017 R 1 028.20
The Maggott's Oupa will be proud of you Chantal :) Sep 08, 2017 R 514.10
Courtney Wallace Great Initiative :) Sep 06, 2017 R 102.82
KIM 7 Aug 31, 2017 R 210.00
Anonymous Great initiative - I want to help make them as well :) Aug 29, 2017 R 205.64
David and Hadlay An amazing cause :) Aug 27, 2017 R 205.64
Franco Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! Aug 25, 2017 R 205.64
Glenys Such a lovely thought Chantal Aug 24, 2017 R 541.95
S Jacobs Every little bit helps Aug 24, 2017 R 102.82
Nic Thanks for the initiative! Aug 21, 2017 USD $ 7.59
Jacqui Dean This is a great initiative- well done! Aug 20, 2017 R 102.82
Leandra Donation Aug 18, 2017 R 102.82
Chantelle Bowyer For my Oupa :) Aug 14, 2017 USD $ 78.38
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Donations to date

R 8 340.18

Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

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We are looking to raise funds for our 'Busy Blanket' event taking place on the 25th of November 2017.