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Protection from Attempted Suicide

Protection from Attempted Suicide

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I have recently been given an unfair protection order. The judge found in favour of a frivolous, vexatious and unreasonable protection order. I use these words to describe it because it comes from the protection order itself and says that the complainant is liable to legal action for a claim of this nature. I need help appealing against the magistrate's decision. I either need legal fees or someone willing to work on my case pro-bono. I can explain the case and the evidence of "harassment" which put me in this situation. There is none of this or what there is, is made up. Please help me achieve true justice. The court system seems unwilling to engage in giving me this. Thanks for your support.

I am a private citizen and know nothing of the appeals process. It would also be greatly appreciated if someone could explain what all this entails to me.


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Protection from Attempted Suicide Campaign