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Carla takes THE BIG STEP

Carla takes THE BIG STEP

Funds Raised:
R 2 344
Fundraising Target:
R 150 000

Personal message

My name is Cathy Janse van Vuuren, and I am calling on all BUDDYs to support Carla who is only four years old.

She joined Dawrette’s Modeling School in Upington, during April 2023 as a particularly ambitious little girl, blessed with a very special talent supported by her personality.

She participated in five competitions in this short period and at all of those crowned as the winner. Following the last win, it was announced on 9 September 2023 by Show Your Talent South Africa that she was scouted and has qualified to participate as part of the South African team in "Pageant America" as well as "Talent America" competitions, hosted in New York during June 2024.

An event of this nature is reserved for only a very few special people, and we sincerely hope that she will be able to have the opportunity to participate and experience this special event. We are sure that her horizons will be broadened, and her character strengthened by her interactions with other competitors at these competitions and learn from them.

Being invited to represent her country for the first time and at such a young age is an achievement and a privilege, but so much more it would be if she would be able the participate and walk out as a winner, wearing the tiara – Oh! She would love it.

It is my prerogative and with great excitement that I invite and make a request to everyone to support her to make this tour to America possible for her to take this BIG STEP.

We believe all you BUDDY’s will support her in her mission and help us meet the strenuous obligations to make it happen.

Remember it take only 7,500 twenty-rand notes to make R150,000.


  • Oct 11, 2023 - USD $ 26.31
  • "Baie sterkte!" - Anonymous

  • Sep 29, 2023 - USD $ 56.91 Fees covered
  • "Good luck Carla" - Uncle Bruce from Canada

  • Sep 28, 2023 - R 230.00 Fees covered
  • "Good luck girl!" - Jannie

  • Sep 28, 2023 - USD $ 28.15 Fees covered
  • "Sterkte Carla" - Elize

  • Sep 28, 2023 - R 120.00 Fees covered
  • "Sterkte 💜" - Chardine

  • Sep 28, 2023 - R 100.00
  • "" - Anonymous

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Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 343.97

Carla takes THE BIG STEP Campaign