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Carmen's Battle with MS

Carmen's Battle with MS

Personal message

The disease I have is progressive and can cripple you over time. My Neurologist says I am deteriorating already. The treatment I’m using is currently not helping me, I’m having continuous relapses.

This disease is attacking my whole body, so I stay weak with a lot of infections. If I don’t halt this disease I will worsen... I’m struggling to walk properly, I'm off balance and limp badly. I will end up in a wheelchair if I don’t have this treatment.

With Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, the closest thing to a cure is HSCT a stem cell transplant Chemotherapy, which is used to shut down the whole immune system. All the diseased parts immune system is destroyed by the chemotherapy, then one's own stem cells are put back into your body.

I plan to have treatment at UCT Private Academic Hospital Cape Town (Professor Novitsky). The treatment is very expensive (its a risky procedure, not FDA approved and not covered by Medical Aid) so if I don't raise funds for the treatment, I will use the funds raised via this campaign to help me with many medical bills, food, and clothing. I also need to make my house MS Friendly as well as walking aids.

To my family and friends: This will be a life changing procedure for me, or a an improved quality of life and a chance to see my young kids grow up.


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Fundraising target

R 300 000.00

Medical Funding for Carmen's Battle with MS

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I'm hoping to raise funds to get a Stem Cell Transplant to halt the progression of my disease.