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Casablanca to Johannesburg for The Key School

Casablanca to Johannesburg for The Key School

Personal message

We (Scott Mallen and David McAlpine) are making our way south from Casablanca to Johannesburg. Public transport (in whatever form) is our only mode of travel.

We are currently traversing East Africa having braved sand, snow and jungles in the north and west of the continent.  Now, we have decreasingly efficient modes of transport to look forward to.

Any donation will contribute to a child's annual tuition (about R70 000).

Please take a moment to look at The Key School Website: It is one of the only schools of its kind in South Africa, but remains severely underfunded. 

Follow our blogs for more info and entertainment: and


Name Comment Date Amount
Detective Frank Drebbin Welcome home! The beard, the blog, the catchphrase...brilliant. Sep 25, 2012 R 1 500.00
liza last long slope Sep 10, 2012 R 200.00
Scott Mallen Onwards to 50K Aug 28, 2012 R 150.00
Picnic with a Purpose We gathered...we ate...we enjoyed...with a purpose...thanks to you Jun 13, 2012 R 5 500.00
LK for mount kenya Jun 11, 2012 R 660.00
Mallen family Offering to the weather gods Jun 08, 2012 R 3 500.00
Jumble Sale From the hardworking people of Jo'burg, who will be warmer this winter!! May 31, 2012 R 4 540.00
Mushtaq It would have been R1300 if you had included Pakistan in your itinerary May 22, 2012 R 1 200.00
Envious Anni Fantastic Blogs. Amazing Project. Worthwhile Charity May 17, 2012 R 200.00
Eva In celebration of our Mohammeds May 16, 2012 R 200.00
the moles of molehill onwards and upwards mr toad and mr badger May 15, 2012 R 3 000.00
iVan Keep on walking. May 04, 2012 R 1 000.00
Dyltong Where is this "West Africa" you speak of? May 02, 2012 R 100.00
F & M We are in AWE ! Apr 17, 2012 R 3 000.00
Dot Barfoot For David's special children Apr 12, 2012 R 400.00
Genevieve Looks like a great trip Scottie. Good for you! Apr 02, 2012 R 350.00
wazaaaaa you okes are good okes! Apr 02, 2012 R 200.00
Sonja and Paul This is a great adventure, we read Dave's blog religiously. Mar 17, 2012 R 3 000.00
Lar and David May the wind be at your back as you go eastwards Mar 12, 2012 R 500.00
Nibbs I want a baby donkey too! Mar 08, 2012 R 200.00
Lar G Payment for the baby donkey. Mar 05, 2012 R 200.00
Happy travels Enjoying the running (rolling) commentary all in a good cause Feb 27, 2012 R 1 000.00
Otter Onward Feb 27, 2012 R 200.00
iVan Keep it up Feb 26, 2012 R 1 000.00
IzzyB for St Christopher (Patron Saint of Travel) for a safe passage through Senegal; and to nudge you over the 10% mark! Feb 26, 2012 R 200.00
Cynthia Go for it! Feb 24, 2012 R 1 000.00
Anonymous None Feb 23, 2012 R 1 000.00
Nibbs There's for Mauritania. Happy Valentines boys Feb 15, 2012 R 200.00
Samantha O. Keep on trekking. Feb 12, 2012 R 350.00
Netherwood Admire your creating awareness of the kind of schools we need more of and who need all the support they can get Feb 08, 2012 R 500.00
Anon whatevs macaroni Feb 06, 2012 R 200.00
Ciara Loving your work - the blogs are brilliant, I've had a couple of really good laughs in front of my computer :) Really looking forward to following the rest of your adventure. Feb 05, 2012 R 500.00
Liza Love following your blogs, so keep it up! Jan 31, 2012 R 500.00
Timeless Tents Timeless Tents is proud to be associated with these 2 exemplary young men! Have fun and safe home! Jan 30, 2012 R 2 000.00
Anonymous Goodluck Jan 29, 2012 R 2 000.00
Anna Atlas mountains look fantastic. Thanks for persuading Matt that snow is not the work of the devil. Good luck for the rest! Jan 28, 2012 R 200.00
June Because you care & for James Jan 26, 2012 R 200.00
Haile Geb nice to meet you guys - see you in Ethiopia Jan 23, 2012 R 200.00
Will Hobson on black Jan 18, 2012 R 100.00
BMO Good luck!! It's a great cause you've taken up... Jan 17, 2012 R 100.00
Marumo Tshesane Best of Luck chaps. It's for a worthwhile cause and you get to see our great continent. Come home safe and regale us with stories of your adventure! Jan 16, 2012 R 500.00
Fairfax For arriving in Cairo without starting a second Arab Spring. Jan 16, 2012 R 200.00
Nibbs That's for Morocco Jan 12, 2012 R 100.00
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Donations to date

R 41 850.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

The Key School (Autism)

The Key School (Autism) Logo

The Key school was established in 1973 especially to cater for children with autism, between the ages of 3 and 12. 80% of our children are from previously disadvantged backgrounds. Each child receives autistic-specific education, individual programmes and therapies.