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Smile in need

Smile in need

Funds Raised:
R 100
Fundraising Target:
R 32 000

Personal message

I lost two front teeth at 13 and after multiple failed treatments I had a Gingivectomy procedure done in June 2023 and had to replace the crowns with veneers in October 2023 as the crowns were causing severe inflammation and swelling. I had to take out a loan to cover the dental bill. 

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you



  • Oct 24, 2023 - R 100.00 Fees covered
  • "My gebed is dat mense hulle harte en beursies sommer groot sal oopmaak. Mag die totale bedrag sommer gou ingesamel word." - Anonymous

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Fundraising target

R 32 000.00

Donations to date

R 100.00

Smile in need Campaign

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I lost two front teeth at 13, and after multiple failed treatments, I had a Gingivectomy in June 2023 and replaced the crowns with veneers in October 2023. I had to take out a loan, and I'm seeking help to cover the dental bill. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.