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Sanitary Pad Donation

Sanitary Pad Donation

Funds Raised:
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Fundraising Target:
R 9 000

Personal message

The sanitary pad donation is a community outreach effort that aims to help schoolgirls and other young women in youth succeed so that they can continue with their education without having to miss class because they lack sanitary pads or are embarrassed by their appearance. While condoms are free, sanitary pads are not. Sex is a choice, mensuration is not. 
In addition to providing sanitary pads, we took use of the occasion to inform young women about their menstrual cycle and the need of properly discarding their sanitary pads. We held a presentation on menstruation cycles that included a talk and games, and it was enjoyable for both the girls and us! Some of the younger girls' lack of knowledge about the significance of their menstrual cycle startled us, so I'm delighted they are now more informed. Women's Month serves as a reminder to embrace our femininity and take pride in who we are as human beings.


Fundraising target

R 9 000.00

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Sanitary Pad Donation Campaign