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Help my 4 year old

Help my 4 year old

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Good day, everyone. I hope all is well.

I'm here today to humbly request the assistance of kind-hearted individuals to help me provide the education, love, and understanding that my child needs. I aim to have my son evaluated to identify the root of his difficulties, as no school has been able to accommodate him properly.

This evaluation will require the expertise of a professional, and there will be associated costs. Additionally, my son requires the services of an occupational therapist as he struggles with focus, communication, and performing simple tasks in a school setting.

I understand that it may seem unusual to ask for such help, but I have reservations about relying solely on state services for my son's needs. I believe some individuals may empathize with my concerns.

I am deeply grateful for any support provided.

Warm regards, Angelique


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Help my 4 year old Campaign

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Hello, I'm reaching out for assistance to provide my child with the education and support he needs. No school can accommodate him properly, so I want to have him evaluated by a professional and find the right school. He also requires the help of an occupational therapist. I appreciate any support as I have reservations about relying solely on state services. Thank you. - Angelique