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HELP WITH Surviving

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R 75 000

Personal message


I am pleading for help urgent for myself and my 22 year old twins.
I am looking after my 22year old twins with DISABILITY and Illness. 
I am seeking employment desperatley or help to relocate closer to the city where there are more jobs. I have not got money to pay our rent of 6000 and buy food and electricity. 
I have 26years admin experience yet I struggle to find a job. 
I am pleading for a permanent job ,  or looking after a holiday home if there is attached 2bedroom flatlet, or if anybody will help us with a place to stay where I can stay until I have a job, I am in Gordons Bay but will move anywhere in CT. 0747627355
If I receive enough help in funds, I can possibly relocate closer to the city where their are more jobs pay deposit, moving costs.. 
My children both have to eat 3 times a day with their medications, but I cant afford food. We have been living off a bread or pasta with spices for flavouring. 
Im trying hard to stay strong but am going through so much, unemployment, job searching, financial stress, facing homelessness if I don't receive HELP or a JOB or home. HUNGER and seeing my children loosing so much weight.
I want to be able to pay my rent in advance to keep a roof over our head while I carry on looking for a job. Repair our fridge that isnt working, buy enough food and electricity, and a bit of clothes as my children has no more clothing that fits. 
If enough is donated, I can possibly relocate closer to the city where their are more job oppertunities.
WITH YOUR MERCY AND HELP my children and myself will be able to sleep worry free for a time and I can cook us a good meal knowing we have a roof over our heads and food.
It will take a load off my shoulders to be able to try find a job without all the other stress of hunger, homelessness, and not being able to give my children propper meals for their medication. 
I just need a little break from stress, it is affecting my thinking and coping. 
Much love and appreciation.
May God be with you and bless you


Fundraising target

R 75 000.00

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