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Buy a Piece of Forever Home at Pug Rescue SA

Buy a Piece of Forever Home at Pug Rescue SA

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For over 12 years Pug Rescue South Africa has offered support to over 2100 pugs and hundreds of other animals in the form of rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, offering sanctuary, as well as free veterinary services to less fortunate animal lovers in the informal settlements of Daveyton.

Our sanctuary is world class, complete with 40 cozy cottages which altogether can house up to 160 pugs while they wait to find their forever homes, while many oldies will retire at Pug Rescue South Africa with Cheryl and Malcolm.

What not many people realise is that we don't own the current property, and our home is always at risk.

But there is hope. The property behind us is up for sale and we can own our very own property to ensure we can carry on doing what we love. If the property is purchased for townhouse development, its residents will legally be allowed to shut us down for noise complaint violations in a built-up area.

That is why we need to buy it first!

We need your help more than ever before – if we can get 12 800 donations of R250, we can pay for the R3,2M property in full.

Why R250? Because R250 is the amount needed to sponsor 1 square meter of the property – so every time you donate, you secure a square meter that will forever be used to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.

Every time you donate, you give the next 2100 pugs a chance. 


Goal: To Purchase 83 Kirschner Road, Benoni North Agricultural Holdings, Gauteng, South Africa

  • To reduce the risk to Pug Rescue SA by acquiring its own property.
  • Establish a low-cost animal welfare clinic which will benefit low to no income earners.
  • To increase space for the rescues in our care. This will reduce behaviour problems and ensure that disease is not spread.
  • Ensure environmental enrichment which is critical for their well-being
  • Ensure the health, welfare, physiological, behavioural and social needs of the animals in our care are met.
  • Ensure a permanent venue for fundraising and thereby eliminate costs for venue hire.
  • Establish an area for jumble sales and book sales ensuring a revenue stream.
  • Establishing fundraising opportunities to ensure long term sustainability
  • Establish a permanent adoption centre where future adopters can interact with adoptable pugs.
  • The proposed property is 16 242m squared, which allows enough space for future expansion and plans.
  • The property will allow us to build 10 play areas – each accommodating 8 pugs at a time, an enrichment area, 4 adoption areas for meet & greets, a bookstore and charity shop to help drive revenue, staff quarters for our dedicated team, a fully-equipped bathing, dipping and grooming area as well as laundry room, storage facilities, clinic and isolation area, fundraising section and parking space for our loyal supporters.
  • Cost of the property R 3 200 000.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 3 200 000.00

Pug Rescue SA

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Pug Rescue is a registered Non Profit Company and we are also registered as a PBO. We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and offer sanctuary to Pugs in South Africa.