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Child Development Summit

Child Development Summit

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Child Development Summit is a 3 day conference established to create, discuss and accelerate platforms that are involved in:

-Nurturing and groom kids into better humans and adults.
-Provide assistance to handicapped and disabled kids and youth.
-Offering sports and other talent activities to kids.
-Fighting and discouraging activities that are harmful to kids.
-involved in assisting vulnerable kids.
-production and manufacturing products targeted to kids.
-Marketing and distribution of kids products and servises
-And many other organizations and individuals that are involved in any kind of kids and and
youth activities.

Address: Cnr. 12th Ave & Selborne St, Alexandra, Sandton, 2090
youth activities.


The event will be arranged this way, we haven't organised any funds, so we are try anything that might work and asking for donations.





About Child Development Summit:
In most townships and rural areas, holiday times like Christmas and heritage day are totally
different from affluent and suburban areas and this also applies to thier normal everyday
lives. It is very rare to find book stores or a toy store around these areas. Travelling to other
areas with these resources is also limited due to transport fees . Parents also lack resources
or the capacity to organize tours regularly for kids in order to keep them stimulated and
These are not the only unfortunate conditions faced by the young ones, their parents and
communities in large in townships or surrounding areas at times, the difficulties faced on a
daily basis are countless; and no matter how many efforts have been exhausted, there’s
almost room for something new and something better.
But tackling these challenges and creating effective solutions for them is not as easy as it
seems. In an environment where culture, religion, family values and media are so diverse, a
sustainable platform is needed to provide room for engagement and acceleration.
It is for these reasons that Child Development Summit was established, this will be the first
event of the summit and the first of its kind around the Greater Alexandra Area, the Child
Development Summit is bound to become an annual event and eventually the biggest of
its kind around township areas to transform young minds and engage with parents and
guardians of the children. The desired objective is to host an annual Child Development
Summit's at each and every township that participates in the event.


Donations to date

R 950.00

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 950.00



Shape-A-Young Mind was officially launched in 1 May 2016 as a reading initiative for young children of Alexandra. Tsakani has a tremendous passion for reading she is very passionate about women empowerment, socio economics and children. She started the initiative to encourage reading in young children and to keep them busy as often; in the townships children are not exposed to reading as there are not as many custodians to chair such initiatives.