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Chris Bayman's Holiday by the Sea

Chris Bayman's Holiday by the Sea

Personal message

My name is Merle Rifkind and I am hoping to raise funds for my dear friend Ann. Ann's son Chris at the age of five was diagnosed with type one diabetes after a viral overload of chickenpox, measles and tick bit fever, in quick succession. In true Chris spirit, he readily accepted the challenge of BG level testing and self-injecting insulin even before he left the hospital. As a result, he has had many hospital visits over the years.

Chris battled to find employment after leaving school and had been employed for just three months when, at the age of 23, on his way home from work on the 22nd April 2015, a pedestrian ran across the road in front of Chris, throwing him from his motorcycle. He suffered a brain bleed, fractured neck, deep tissue bruising and scrapes. He was rushed to the hospital and after an assessment was placed in a medically induced coma for 11 days. The specialists were not sure of what recovery would occur.

He recovered well but due to the brain injury that he endured, Chris began suffering seizures and required epileptic medication which had major side effects and could not find employment.

On 8 December 2017, Chris's life took another dramatic turn when admitted to ICU was diagnosed with Kidney failure. A permanent catheter was placed in his chest and he underwent his first dialysis treatment. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride.

Chris's mom has always worked hard, trying to balance her stressful workload and these challenges with astounding dignity and persistence. I see the strain it has on her, but she continues and has never given up hope.

Recently Ann was in Durban planning a conference for her work and was looking at the sea. She remembered some of the fun memories of holidays spent with the children. It was then that it dawned on her that Chris would likely not see the sea again. She was devastated at this thought and I truly believe that at that moment his situation really struck home. His life expectancy is not positive and for many years Ann has, through sheer determination and will pushed forward refusing to contemplate the truth.

We, her friends, would like to raise enough money for Ann, Chris, with an accompanying friend to assist to send them on a seaside break. The doctors will arrange that Chris has dialysis in Durban so we will not miss treatments while on holiday.

The money raised will go towards airfares, accommodation, and some spending money.

Air Fares - R1 600 return x 2 people = R3 200.00
Accommodation - R8 000 +
Spending money - R3 500 +

This would be such a relief for a family and give Chris a much-needed boost.

Ann has opened an account, especially for Chris enabling him to enjoy a holiday by the sea.


  • Aug 28, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "ENjoy living your dream Chris" - Enid

  • Jul 26, 2019 - R 1 028.20
  • "Sending love and light my friend " - Richard Smedley-Williams

  • Jul 26, 2019 - R 200.00
  • "Go p in da c 4 me... " - Delia

  • Jul 10, 2019 - R 185.08
  • "A complete and Speedy Recovery" - Shelley Cobb

  • Jul 03, 2019 - USD $ 26.79
  • "Wishing you a wonderful holiday" - Anonymous

  • Jun 26, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Praying for you Cuz xx" - Michelle

  • Jun 12, 2019 - R 210.00
  • "Love u cuz. Really hope your dream is reached and a holiday is just what the dr ordered. " - Urshie

  • Jun 11, 2019 - R 510.00
  • "Good luck Chris Be strong " - Merle Rifkind

  • Jun 09, 2019 - R 507.50
  • "For you ann??" - Niv

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My name is Merle Rifkind and I am hoping to raise funds for my dear friend Ann's son Chris to have once last holiday by the sea.