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Yachting Training

Yachting Training

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Deckhand Yachting Course in Cape Town
The purpose of this proposal is to seek financial support to attend a deckhand yachting course in Cape Town. This course will greatly benefit my career development and enable me to contribute effectively to the yachting industry. The following proposal outlines the project idea and specific goals for this endeavor.
The project idea is to enhance my yachting skills and knowledge by participating in an intensive yachting course offered by Pull North Yachting based in Cape Town. This course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training, covering various aspects of yachting including navigation, safety procedures, boat handling techniques, and emergency protocols. By enrolling in this course, I will gain valuable skills and certifications that will open up new opportunities for career growth in the yachting industry.
Specific Goals:
1. Skill Development: The primary goal of attending this course is to acquire advanced yachting skills that are in high demand within the industry. By participating in hands-on training, I will enhance my knowledge of navigation techniques, weather patterns, and boat handling procedures. This will enable me to safely and efficiently operate yachts, ensuring a seamless yachting experience for passengers.
2. Safety and Emergency Preparedness: Another crucial objective of this course is to obtain extensive knowledge of safety procedures and emergency protocols. This includes learning about life-saving techniques, first-aid procedures, and effective communication during emergencies. By acquiring these skills, I will become a valuable asset in ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members while aboard a yacht.
3. Industry Networking: Attending this yachting course in Cape Town will provide an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals, trainers, and fellow participants. By building strong relationships within the yachting community, I will enhance my chances of securing future job opportunities and collaborations.
Budget and Funding Needs:
To successfully participate in the yachting course in Cape Town, I am seeking financial support to cover the following expenses:
1. Course Fees: The yachting Deckhand course fee is R55 275, which includes all training materials and practical sessions.
2. Accommodation: I will require a place to stay during the duration of the course. The estimated cost for accommodation in Cape Town is R15 000.
3. Travel Expenses: The round-trip airfare from my current location to Cape Town is estimated to be R10 000.00
4. Visa:   An estimated amount of R3 580.00 for Schengen Visa and R8 395.00 for B1B2 Visa is required for this purpose.
Total Funding Requested: R92 250.00
Attending the Deckhand Yachting course in Cape Town aligns perfectly with my career aspirations in the yachting industry. By supporting my participation in this course, you will contribute to my professional growth as well as the advancement of the yachting industry. I am confident that the knowledge and skills gained through this course will not only benefit my own career but also positively impact the overall quality of yachting experiences for both passengers and crew members. Thank you for considering my  proposal.


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

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