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Clarece's Dance Fund

Clarece's Dance Fund

Personal message

Our journey with cancer was a challenging time in our lives as a family.  It was a time that tested our faith and our trust in the medical personnel at the oncology department, Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital.  A time where we had lots of questions and not always getting the answers we wanted to hear.

Two years went by, a time we gained valuable information with regards to leukaemia and cancers in general.  We also lost a few “friends” and gained genuine friends.  People filled with love and empathy.  

During the last two years (2018 – 2020) Clarece, my daughter with leukaemia, knocked on heaven’s door twice, she finished matric although it took two years, and is now studying to obtain a ballet teachers diploma at DASA (Dance Academy of SA). (A 4 year course.)

I was retrenched May 2018, two months before Clarece was diagnosed with cancer.  Since then it was a full time job taking care of Clarece.  During this time I was looking for a job to do from home with no success.  Needless to say that I had to use most of the  money from my pension fund I received for Clarece’s medical expenses.  I am doing typing for a Social Worker at the moment getting a salary of R500.00 a week if there are any typing to do.  

And then the corona virus landed in South Africa.  What a scary thing.  Dr Mayet, head of oncology at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital’s words were ….”You do not even leave your room. If you should catch the corona virus you will not make it.” That was a very scary thing to hear.  This means if we need bread and milk, I go early in the morning to make sure there are as little people as possible.  When I get back my clothing goes into the washing machine, mask and gloves into the outside bin and I take a shower.  Just to make sure I am not a carrier of the virus.

Because of the lockdown there is no work (typing) coming in which means we do not have any money.  The bill for municipal services is not paid and we only have funds to help us for another week.   As a mother, this is very difficult for me as all my life I was the one providing.  At the moment it is very stressful not knowing if I will be able to provide for Clarece.  She also do not give ballet classes at the moment because of the lockdown.    The fees for the month for her studies at DASA is also not paid.  This means once they start again with lectures, she will not be able to attend until all outstanding monies are paid.

At this moment the corona virus is ahead in the battle, only because we have learned so much in the last two years about leukaemia.  But then, the virus will be conquered by the world and the leukaemia will still be there.  As you know Clarece has 3 DNA mutations which causes leukaemia.  That means she will have leukaemia for the rest of her life.


If you would like to support Clarece with her medical needs, you can donate here


  • May 23, 2020 - R 1 050.00
  • "sterkte " - jou jufrou

  • Feb 18, 2020 - R 1 000.00
  • "

    Mag al jou drome waar word Clarece ?

    " - Daleen Kilian(Scholtz)

  • Jan 30, 2020 - R 508.75
  • "From one dancer to another, follow your dreams " - Debs

  • Jan 25, 2020 - USD $ 109.81
  • "Wishing you all the very best with your endeavor!" - Noleen & Walt Christensen

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Clarece Scholtz Dance Cause

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My name is Fransie Scholtz. I am raising funds for my daughter, Clarece Scholtz, 19 years old, living in Roodepoort. She is now able to enrol at DASA (Dance Acadamy of SA) to obtain a teacher's diploma for ballet.