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Work abroad Beter future

Work abroad Beter future

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Fundraising Target:
R 75 000

Personal message

My husband got an amazing opportunity to work abroad, and this would mean so much to us as a family! 

Our life is based on giving our 2 children (aged 5 & 13) the absolute best that we can and taking this opportunity will mean a huge deal to insuring their future. 

There are some fees involved in this that we just do not have! We have a little over 2 months to get everything ready and in order as he can go January 2024. 

We are humbily calling on the support of our friends and family and anyone else that is in the position to help us make our dreams a reality. 

Funds raised will be used for passport & flight tickets etc. 

Every little bit will help us reach our goal and we will forever be grateful for your contribution!


Fundraising target

R 75 000.00

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Work abroad Beter future 62685 Campaign