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Assistance for Coen

Assistance for Coen

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R 30 000

Personal message

Good day, my name is Bonita Eygelaar.

My husband, Coenraad (Coen) was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on 19 September 2023 whilst on duty. The back left tyre burst, causing him to loose control, hitting a barrier and rolling 3 times on the R21 highway.
He was flung out of the bakkie, sustaining multiple injuries. His spine at T11 and T12 is fractured, all his ribs on the right are broken in 2 places. Because this is an injury on duty, most medical expenses are covered but there are still things he needs, like tape for his knee that took impact from the accident, muscle rubs and relaxants to help with pain relief and a few other things.
He has been released from the hospital after 3 weeks of being in ICU and a general sergical ward, and needs my constant help and assistance. 
His weekly wages are still being paid but we not sure for how much longer, but this is mostly used to pay our rent, leaving us with little to still try and buy electricity, petrol and food. He is the bread winner, I have been unemployed for a while now.
I want to take my husband for a second opinion as I strongly believe he suffers from PTSD, his hands and feet are permanently ice cold, I did request for a Dr whilst he was in hospital and nothing was arranged. We cannot afford to take him to a Dr and we also do not have the funds for medication either. He can only sit for a short period before the pain gets too bad, and he can only walk short distances wearing his back brace.  
With your help and donations we will be able to get him to a psychologist, pay for the extra medical costs and supplies he needs, get to his Dr's appointments, buy a proper chair for the shower so he can sit and have a good hot shower.
He still has a long way to go before he recovers completely, his Dr for the spine is very concerned, but currently can't do anything more for him. 
Thank you. 


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

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Assistance for Coen Campaign

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Hello, I'm Bonita Eygelaar. My husband, Coenraad, had a severe accident on September 19, 2023, while on duty.

He suffered multiple injuries, including fractures in his spine and ribs. While some medical expenses are covered, there are still essential needs like knee tape, muscle rubs, and relaxants for pain relief.

After three weeks in the hospital, Coenraad is out but requires constant assistance. 

Your donations can help us get him psychological support, cover extra medical costs, attend doctor's appointments, and buy essential supplies like a shower chair. He has a long road to recovery, and any support is deeply appreciated. Thank you.