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Help save Cola

Help save Cola

Funds Raised:
R 189
Fundraising Target:
R 40 000

Personal message

Hi my name is Cola

My mommy (Ashley) and daddy (nick) rescued me 2 years ago in Witbank. I was pretty beat up and in bad shape.  Mommy and daddy surrendered me to the SPCA because no one was certain whether or not I would pull through .
I was stinky and dirty , covered in ticks and fleas , super skinny and had a severe case on mange . My ears were crusty and bleeding , I had no hair on my tummy and my tail looked like a rats tail because it had no hair at all. I also sounded like a heavy smoker . The mites had infested my nasal cavity so severely,  that I had a great difficulty breathing . I also had a broken leg which grew back broken while I was on the streets.  Dr wasn't sure whether I was hit by a car or whether someone kicked me. 
Mommy invited me in, bathed me, fed me, and gave me my very own doggie bed . Instantly I felt at home with these new humans . They showered me with love . Is this what family felt like ? Suddenly I was taken away from mommy and daddy and spent 6 weeks at the vet.  They phoned mommy and told mommy I was going to pull through and that they didn't have to put me to sleep.  After those weeks , mommy and daddy legally adopted me through the SPCA in witbank . 
After my recovery,  and once I was no longer contagious,  mommy and daddy introduced me to all my sisters . Wow ! I suddenly had a whole new family and fur sisters back in Boksburb which became my new home.  
Life is good . And mommy always tells me im her miracle baby . That God put us on each other's paths for a reason.  I'm 5 this year . That's what the Dr guessed. But suddenly I'm in a lot of pain and have been crying a lot . After a few trips to the vet , mommy says I need to go for a special scan called an MRI . And most likely a back/ spinal surgery.  Sounds scary ! but I know mommy and daddy want to do what's best for me . 
Hi everyone 
Ash here.  You all know Cola and her beautiful story as a rescue animal . She's mine and Nick's fur child and we are absolutely petrified of losing her. After chatting with our specialist,  we are looking in the region of R 40 000 for Colas specialist appointment,  MRI and operation.  Unfortunately we don't have pet insurance so these payments will be out of pocket.  
I'm appealing to all our friends and loved ones who know Cola or purely just have a love for animals who are willing to make a donation towards her operation.  Dr has given us a month supply of pain medication and anti inflammatory medication to try buy us some time to come up with the money while keeping Cola comfortable and relatively pain free.   However long it takes , we will raise these funds to give young Cola the 2nd chance God gave her when we adopted her . 
Everyone always said I saved Cola in witbank , but the truth is , during our 9 months in witbank , Cola saved me . She gave me purpose.  She made our home a home.  She was my one and only friend in witbank and for that , I will forever be grateful . 
Love Nick and Ash 


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