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Community Centre for Egoli Informal Settlement

Community Centre for Egoli Informal Settlement

Personal message

Youth Aid Project are a NPO that works actively in Egoli informal settlement for the past year on different community upliftment programs.Programs that can empower the school going learners and the unemployed youth in the community.We establish the first ever community internet cafe for a informal settlement,also a online news letter called Egoli News with the youth of the community as the editorial staff.A popup library and tutoring classes by volunteers from outside of the community.

Local church leaders offered the church as a temporary space to operate these programs from.A need for a bigger facility to housed all of these programs are of utmost important,not only to make the current programs successful but to enable us to introduced even more programs to empower this impoverished community.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Youth Aid Project

Youth Aid Project Logo

To empower the youth in a meaningfull way,as for them to be true leaders in the future.To make the awere of the recourses availible and to train them to be able to utilize these recources.To be a becan of hope for their peers and be self starters and creaters,to be movers and out of the box thinkers.