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Badira Mmogo (Working Together) Lodirile Food Garden

Badira Mmogo (Working Together) Lodirile Food Garden

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Swaneville is a small suburb in Mogale City, on the western side of Gauteng. But if you are picturing idyllic tree-lined roads bordering lush manicured gardens snugly nestling dream houses; sleekly dressed joggers plugged into their iPods; families taking their dogs for a walk… not this time.

It's early morning as you drive along the badly maintained township roads showing desperation clinging to hope. You pass hungry children carrying huge school bags, walking dusty pavements several blocks to school. Their hunger is etched into their little faces. Some wave as you drive by, perhaps hoping you are bringing something to fill the emptiness in their bellies.

You might see some laugh and tease to warm themselves from a freezing night in an uninsulated metal shack… but you will see many trails behind, perhaps wondering whether the long walk will lead them to an education that will help them realise fading dreams.

You drive past elderly men and women in small groups. Their wrinkled faces are a map of hardship, poverty, hopelessness but still full of dignity. They greet, but it seems their tomorrow is an empty void.

Teenagers walk briskly to try again to find a job so they can feed their brothers and sisters. Teenagers taking over the role of mother and father way too soon. Adults still stride proudly to the taxis, if they are fortunate, to a job that will meet some ends.

You will see many more heart-rending, untold stories hidden in plain sight…

Among all these people are a passionate group of parents, teachers, and other community members who have a vision. Some don’t have an education of their own, but they will not be deterred. They are determined to set up community gardens.

Each garden should first contribute to the feeding scheme at the primary school. Then it must feed the community. But more than that, it must teach others food security. They dream to set up a model that will teach others to turn their swept front yards into a productive, nutritious supplement to their daily diet.

It is an achievable vision, if only they had the means to do so. They need to learn first to teach, the tools to get started, the seed that will grow a community.

Because full bellies nourish fading dreams into reality. If each child were able to focus more on their future than the despair of another hungry tomorrow, they can become the entrepreneurs, teachers, the hope of the future. The elders can complete their lives knowing there is hope for their families.

We all know at our core that being in a green flourishing environment is a balm for the soul. Just imagine the dusty, wind-swept suburb becoming a greener, happier place where dreams of a successful future will be possible.

We will be guiding them. Will you please help us to reach their dreams. We have the skills. We will take the time, no matter how long it takes. Will you please help us get them the tools they need.

Setting up a community-driven food garden to help feed school children and the excess goes to the community members. We have a passionate group of community members, teachers, and parents urgently trying to promote food security and self-sustainability within their community.

We aim to assist them by teaching them the ethics and principles of permaculture while giving them practical experience in eco/natural/conservation/regenerative agriculture.

Just R135 ($9/£6.50) can supplement a child's daily diet for a full year, and then keep feeding them by using sustainable methods.

The goals we are able to achieve with funds raised:

  1. 12 full days of permaculture and practical training at our working permaculture-designed farm.
  2. Transport daily for the 12 days of on-site training.
  3. All course materials, including notes, posters, etc.
  4. Curriculum designed specifically for the site.
  5. 12 months active mentoring with structured on-site guidance
  6. Personal attention.
  7. Champions identified and given focussed attention to be able to teach more people in the community, by the community.
  8. Facilitated by a certified PDC facilitator that has 30plus years facilitation experience in various industries.
  9. Equipment to get started with, such as spades, forks, watering cans, etc.
  10. 14 plus varieties of non-hybridized/heirloom/open-pollinated seeds and related items such as seed trays to start propagating, and ultimately save and share seeds for consecutive years.
  11. Connections to our network of NPCs and other organisations/contacts for further assistance where required (e.g. Jojo tanks, a container for storage, etc).
  12. Access to a co-operative buying/selling group to reduce future costs.
  13. Assistance in setting up an initial local co-operative, and later an NPC of their own if required.
  14. Assistance with budgeting and planning.
  15. Sponsored access to our ongoing public workshops such as food preserving. 


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  • Jul 22, 2021 - USD $ 137.14
  • "With the grace of God, may the seeds of your dreams grow into a flourishing forest." - Grant & Linda

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Adams GLS Farm Training and Development NPC

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Green Life Sanctuary farm is dedicated to People Care, Earth Care, and Fair Share - the ethics of Permaculture. Although a small part of what we do is grow vegetables, we actively promote the self-sufficiency of the individual. We are passionate about teaching others how they can grow nutrient-dense food while simultaneously caring for the earth and others around them.

We have a number of community groups that are lining up for training and we need to help them to get on their feet and mentor them through the teething stages. Our facilitator has more than 30 years of training experience. Our small farm is run according to organic regenerative agricultural practices and we teach according to these practices. We have been teaching and advising individuals and groups for a number of years already. We are now at the level of needing assistance to reach and establish bigger projects.