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Conservation Study Fund

Conservation Study Fund

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Every little girl has a dream for when she grows up, some want to be a princess some a teacher and some a firefighter or policewoman. From the age of 5, I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted to save the world. As I grew up I saw how that could be challenging and found that my passion lies in saving, preserving and protecting the environment, and I found that what I wanted was to be a Conservationist. I came close. Very close. I worked hard at school and was immediately accepted to study conservation at the Technical University of Tshwane in Pretoria South Africa, where I was also in the top of my class for most of my subjects. Sadly I was unable to complete my studies due to a tragedy in the family which led to huge financial problems. I saw that my father would no longer be able to support my dream and get my sister through high school and my brother to finish his degree and I decided to start working and try to pay for my studies myself. Unfortunately, that was 8 years ago and to date, I have not been able to raise the funds to complete my studies. This has been my dream and passion since I was a little girl. I have finally found myself in a place and position where I have the time and resources to complete my studies the only thing keeping me back is the funding. My request is simply for every person who has had a dream to recognize their passion in me and to help me get a hold of my dream so I can pass that on to all the children in rural areas who dream as I do! Share in my dream with me, make dreams come true in the African Bush where so few have the chance. For more information on my work and journey follow my blog @

*The campaign creator has opted that any funds raised to be paid directly into the university's bank account*


  • Sep 07, 2018 - USD $ 27.45
  • "Keep it going!" - Anonymous

  • Aug 02, 2018 - USD $ 52.96
  • "Love what you’re doing and love your passion!" - Michelle Ballecer

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Biancas Education fund

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I am hoping to raise funds to complete my studies for National Diploma in Nature conservation after having dreamed of doing it since I was 5 years old. I studied for two years but after tragedy in my family I opted to give up my studies and start working to alleviate the financial pressure on my family.