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Wheelchair for Courtney

Wheelchair for Courtney

Personal message

My name is James Errol Hockly, And I am raising funds for my Stepsister, Courtney Faye Hockly. 

So the Girl in the pic is my Stepsister.  She is a pretty awesome girl. But times have been hard - she has been in a wheelchair since birth.  However, she faces a whole new problem now .

The wheelchair she has isn't good for her . In fact , slowly but surely it been crippling her even further over the last 3 years .

The money I am trying to raise is for a new wheelchair that she needs as well as some extra funds to get her into Therapy and operations to reverse the damage to her legs feet and back caused by the old wheelchair. 

She is 19 and want to start her life as an independent adult.  But something as simple as finances and a wheelchair that has been to small for 4 years is stopping this amazing girl from showing the world she doesn't need her legs to stand on the own 2 feet . 

We hope that when we have the chance to get the new wheelchair to donate the one she currently has and hopefully make a difference in a nother young person's life.

Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. Lets help this little rockstar get back o  her feet !(wheels)

This will enhance her physical wellbeing and give her the opportunity to join the working world as a individual who can take care of herself.  

The wheelchair she needs will cost anything from R35 000 to R60 000 Depending on the specific mods that need to be done by the doctor's to best suit her needs .
Furthermore the Therapy and Doctor appointments she needs to get her legs feet end back , back to norman can cost anything between R40 000 to R60 000 over the next few years not to mention the meds she wil need on a month to month basis. (All of the above amounts given in ZAR)


  • Jan 14, 2020 - USD $ 38.92
  • "Will send this around UK" - Kevin Ge

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R 110 000.00

Courtney Hockly Wheelchair Cause

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My name is James Errol Hockly and I am raising funds for my Stepsister, Courtney Faye Hockly. She has been in a wheelchair since birth, but the wheelchair she has now is too small for her.