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Covid Education Gap Recovery Programme

Covid Education Gap Recovery Programme

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Go for Gold recruits Grade 11 and 12 students from South Africa's poorest communities interested in pursuing technical vocations (e.g. engineering) in the South African built environment or manufacturing sector. 

Our skills development 4-phased programme paves a step-by-step way for students to decide on a career path to becoming employable as technical graduates after university/tertiary studies. Maths and Science is the foundation of their success, and what Go for Gold can provide them with your help.

This year, because of the negative impacts Covid has had on students' schooling since 2020, Go for Gold is adding a Grade 10 class to our programme. We wish to circumvent the academic losses youth in South Africa faced and are still struggling to catch up from.

Reaching our target will help 40 Grade 10 youth bridge academic gaps they suffered from Covid. Shortfalls in their Maths and Science could affect their career development for the rest of their lives. 

Improving their Maths and Science in Grade 10 will help them achieve 50% in their pure Maths and Science subjects, the qualifier also to join our four phased career building programme.

Our Covid Education Gap Recovery programme needs tablets and funding to purchase 40 tablets, online tuition fees, weekly Leadership Development/Life Skills training, weekly transport stipend, food and textbooks for our new Grade 10 class.

Your donation is immensely valued. Please consider making an additional small monthly contribution to our organisation. 


  • Mar 17, 2022 - R 200.00
  • "Not much but rain comes in many small drops and rain fills spaces! " - Christine Riffel

  • Feb 03, 2022 - R 200.00
  • "I am the fundraiser for Go for Gold. My personal contribution to buying these tablets is testimony of how much I believe this will be good for the kids Go for Gold is helping. Go for Gold is amazing!" - Karen Rademeyer

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Donations to date

R 400.00

Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Go for Gold Tuition (RF) NPC

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Go for Gold is an award-winning ‘education-to-employment public-private initiative, founded in 1999 through a collaboration between companies in the built environment, the Western Cape and the Gauteng Departments of Education and civil society. 
The Go for Gold programme is designed as a skills development pipeline, specifically supporting talented youth from disadvantaged communities who wish to pursue technical vocations in the built environment. 

Our intervention begins in high school, strengthening aspirant technical professionals academically and instilling the necessary life skills to personally empower each of our beneficiaries to finish our programme and become employable.
Go for Gold acts as a catalyst between talented, deserving youth and industry. Our programme is further empowered by participating in 23 built environment partner companies who benefit from our programme because they require more black technical graduates.

 Our partners participate and support youth in each phase of our programme, enjoying that Go for Gold give deserving children various means of support from high school to tertiary studies. 

Students benefit from Go for Gold’s intervention and partnerships in that they gain practical exposure and enjoy interacting with keen Go for Gold partners, thus inspiring our beneficiaries to join the industry.
In short, the Go for Gold intervention: begins at the school level, aiding deserving youth with their academic performance in Maths and Science subjects at secondary and tertiary institutions; introduces vital life skills training; provides work experience and bridging programmes; initiates bursary support and access to tertiary and once students qualify, our skilled graduates are employed within the Go for Gold network of 21 partner companies from the South African built environment.
The programme in its entirety is centred on the premise that to create future skilled graduate professionals, who also possess the self-belief to succeed, requires long term investment where the whole child is developed – i.e. both academically and emotionally.
Go for Gold is a longitudinal programme. There is no quick fix to youth development and work readiness. 

The Go for Gold programme is demand-driven and depicts the efficacy and importance of multiple stakeholder engagement who share a common goal in youth development and economic transformation.