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Covid in the Kasi - Supporting Food Relief in Diepsloot

Covid in the Kasi - Supporting Food Relief in Diepsloot

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Imagine what life is like for people in the townships during the Covid19 lockdown? For many who are living hand to mouth, stockpiling is not an option. Even basic hygiene is a problem. How do you wash your hands frequently when you have no running water in your home or can barely afford soap? How do you quarantine yourself in a one bedroom tin shack? How do you keep your business running without access to internet or even electricity? We are working on a number of initiatives to assist our participants and greater Diepsloot during "Kasi Kwarantine". 

You can help by contributing to one of our interventions:

- Providing people in need with Nutriwell fortified food boxes. One Nutriwell box can feed an individual for a month and costs R250.

- Getting soap to as many households as possible. A bar of antibacterial soap costs R15. 

- Providing food for pets who are tragically being neglected as their owners can't afford to feed them

- Providing our participants with data so they can stay connected with us (for assistance and motivation) and access information on the coronavirus. 

Please indicate what you would like your donation to be used for. 

Thank you for considering our cause! Stay safe! 



Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

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