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Spreading information to where it is needed

We are working to set up communication networks across communities in the Cape Town area so that we can enable communities to remain connected to each other and the world, and to create a channel for the relay of reliable information both in and out of these communities. Based on these findings, we figure out how to get the information from where it is to where it is needed.

Behavioural Change and Understanding for Action

There is an evident wave of misinformation on Covid-19 in South Africa. Fake news, different understandings of the root cause and spiritual disbelief made it difficult for people to understand the spread and effects of Covid-19. What is now needed are bridge builders and solid communication to reach each individual in order to adapt to the urgent measures to fight the virus.

Bridge Building 

It needs community leaders and bridge builders who assist with the channeling of information so that each individual in the various communities can be aware of the urgent needs. We aim at connecting with those multipliers and share proven resources with them. We also assist in producing relevant content that appeals to the communities we want to reach including the design and printing.


• Printing and applying Posters (safely)

• Filtering of information: a feed of current reliable Covid information for distribution

• Creation of locally relevant creative content that appeals to the youth and speaks to physical, mental and emotional health: arts / music / theatre / video

• Community Mapping


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Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Amava Oluntu

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Encouraging reconnection of individuals to themselves, each other and the world.