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Dead Animals Walking - animal rescue

Dead Animals Walking - animal rescue

Personal message

Richelle (director of DAW) is absolutely desperate and the time as come to basically close her Dead Animals Walking animal rescue NPO doors. She is the woman that dedicates her time and love every single day to rescue, rehab and re-home wrongfully, cruelly, or abusively handled animals, and also teach children how to work with animals. She is absolutely dependent on the kindness of donations amongst people - sometimes organisations will fund something but it is not enough, most will only contribute towards children, the poor and elderly. Recently Richelle's husband underwent a surgery, and the doctors messed up terrible which now caused several bacterial infections, which means is he basically fighting for his life - Richelle has to deal with this, his work and her work, caring for the animals. But with no extra time or hands on the farm with the animals, the future is looking dark for the animals that needs help so desperately. It truly starts to feel like NO ONE BATS AN EYE TO ANIMAL FUNDING, or at least, too few people does. Animals cannot help themselves, speak up or make a plan to feed themselves or help themselves like humans can.   The vet bills are behind with a R6000 and the weekly animal food clocks in at a R4000 every two weeks. Her call for help broke my heart,  the work she does for this this animals is extraordinary and it would be a miracle and her dream come true for help to head her way to be able to continue saving animals, rehab them and re-home them to people that cares.   Please read the DAW page to read more about the needs & lets save DAW to continue saving our furry friends!    


  • Jan 27, 2022 - USD $ 6.56
  • "Please contact me over this e-mail adress "[email protected]" if you received the money and please message me. I would like to donate more and really hope youguysaregivingthemfoodandlove️" - lisa

  • Nov 19, 2015 - R 200.00
  • "Good luck Richelle!" - Bernelle

  • Nov 19, 2015 - R 200.00
  • "good luck and thank you for caring" - louisa

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R 494.65

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R 20 000.00

Dead Animals Walking

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Dead Animals Walking, is a Non Profit Organization giving ALL, badly abused and neglected animals, on the verge of death, a DAW(door) to a new life!!