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Fire leaves family with nothing

Fire leaves family with nothing

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We are in the Family of 11 people, 7 Adults and 4 children which are ; 3 Males, 4 female, 4 kids.  Age : Males of the house : 49 and 47 years , Mother : 43years, females : 30 years, 24 years and 23 years and a teenager  of 16 years old, 2 boys of : 12 years and 10 years old and lastly a baby boy of 8 months. 


It was on Tuesday the 12th of September at 19h30 where me and my sister saw the fire through the window from the outside, we run quickly inside the house alert people so that we can manage to turn off the fire but it was already to let as it reached the roof… I don’t really know what started the fire but as the fire report collected it stated that it was a short circuit. 


From that moment we wanted to save some of our belongings but we couldn’t as there were too much smoke inside the house in a point that our father told us to get out of the house… our mom wanted to go back to get money instead but the fire was huge that she couldn’t reach her room to get the money, that how we ended outside without anything. We lose everything, all the furniture inside the house, all our clothes etc… everything has gone as I am speaking now we have no house at moment. 


We are currently at the South Africa Red Cross Society who took me and my family since Tuesday the day the fire took place till now.  My Parents are currently down due to this tragedy can’t believe we have lost everything. That we need to start from all over from house and so on… we are all in a big shock. We thank Red Cross Soviet that provided a Shelter for us for this moment 🙏


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R 40 000.00

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Fire leaves family with nothing Campaign