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New Gaming Computer for Deon

New Gaming Computer for Deon

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R 15 999

Personal message

Hello everyone

I recently lost my job and now I desperately need a new gaming laptop.

I really need a new gaming computer. I am limited to what i can do and what i can accomplish! I really want to become a software developer, or a game developer, but computers cost a lot. 

I hope the people who see this will think about others and donate a couple of rand
My friends are having fun playing their games together, while i feel left out.
So if you are reading this...
Please consider and donate, I really want to fulfill my dreams! 
Hope you have a good day, even if you don't donate...
May god bless you, and your family!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Fundraising target

R 15 999.00

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New Gaming Computer for Deon Campaign