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"Practice makes Perfect"

Personal message

Good day, my name is Dewald Coertze and I am looking to crowd fund our sport shooting hobby to allow my wife and I the ability to make "Practice makes Perfect" a reality in being able to achieve higher honours in our sport by spending more hours on the range practicing.

This would however require more volumes of components and or ammunition to achieve in order to advance our skills in this sport in a short time frame.

There is potential to set a standard in the smaller community of our sport in our region, showing what is possible with some funds to accelerate two average shooters in the same household potentially to reach higher standards and higher overall results.

Also, it could potentially highlight to the greater society that our sport is indeed a very family friendly environment and a sport that is a constructive and important skill to practice in today's day and age.

The generations gone bye were able to do so, we should also try and do the same, spend time outside, enjoying our sport and advancing our skill set. However, this is not always possible as 90% of the time; funds are the main limiting factor.  

The funds would mainly be spent on components (heads, powder, etc) and in some cases also ammunition itself. As stated, "Practice makes Perfect" and to do so, one need’s to train to improve and to do so requires feeder funds. Direct corporate funding / sponsorships for our sport in this area and current economy would perhaps be too much of a burden, thus my current approach.

The target amount could potentially allow us both to achieve this goal as a team within a 12-month period, as it would equip us with the required components to virtually practice on a monthly basis.



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Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

Dewald Coertze Shooting Cause

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Dewald Coertze is crowdfunding to allow himself and his wife, Anzél, the ability to practice their sport. They will be spending more hours on the range, shooting. They are in need of funds for components and ammunition.