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My aunt

My aunt

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R 25 000

Personal message

Hi. This is my Aunt Diana she is 33 years old and 5 and half months pregnant and also has a 7yeae old son with her and also i a older son also who stays at his dad. She was always there for me through school and my live always helped me where she could and always helped me with a place to stay when i was so down and out.. Even with very hard times on her side....  Everything went so well until my grandmom got sick and passed. Its been more than 2 years and my Aunt has lost everything.  She will be on street by end of this month and she has nothing left
I am trying to help her to get a place for her and her 7 year old son in Pretoria for 4 months or more just so she can get back up again 
Please help me to help her as she is really really struggling and my heart breaks so much..  She will also work hard always but get no where sometime don't even have work
She bearly makes it for the 2 of them to i eat every evening  if there is good semeritan who can please help my Aunt i would appreciate it so so much
All funds raised will go towards housing and food and basic living things(NO EXTRAS) only what they need for 4 months atleast 
We can and will also provide proof 

I am asking here out of my heart as i really would like to help them 


Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

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My aunt Campaign