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Donate to Mrs. Masuki to help her supply you with healthy food!

Personal message

Coming from first war-torn Congo, fleeing to Angola and then ultimately reaching South-Africa for safety, Mrs. Masuki knows that life is not about afternoon tea and sunny beaches. Hard work, dedication and an immense amount of persistence is what will get you there. It you have ever doubted the contribution of refugees and migrants here in South-Africa let Mrs. Masuki prove you otherwise! Her story inspires the other woman in the platform from the Scalabrini Centre and encourages all individuals to strive for better socio-economic circumstances and inclusion in society.

Entering the Scalabrini woman’s program in 2016 when in need of assistance she is now giving back by growing and selling food, donating food to individuals in need and employing 2 people, whilst encouraging her daughter to pursue her own dreams by teaching at the Scalabrini Centre. Her dream is simple help other women, she says “if I had a big piece of land I could contribute to the economy and I can create jobs for other people”.

Your Donation will make a difference

Her question to you is if you will support her in obtaining a water tank which she could use for irrigation of her land and secondly she is in need of a vehicle. Now she uses public transport to move around to different locations to sell all her vegetables and fruit which makes it very hard and time-consuming.

With your help Mrs. Masuki is convinced she can start putting some money aside to start saving up for more land and hopefully as a long-term project employ more people. Now rather than thinking big we ask you think small and fund female entrepreneurs like Mrs. Masuki and help visible impact small communities.


Mrs. Masuki is a former participant of the woman’s empowerment program of Scalabrini, as such the Scalabrini Centre in CapeTown will provide the donators with 2 check-in accountability moments to share with you the progress Mrs. Masuki has been able to make with your donations. Now be assured that all the money your donating goes directly to the goal of buying the water tank and car, no money will be deducted or taken out for any other purposes nor will it be used for any other purpose than supporting Mrs. Masuki in becoming self-sufficient and potentially becoming an employer for several employees (only the fee payable to the site is deducted).

Spread the word

Now should you feel that donating is maybe not the way to go or maybe you would like to donate and still do something else, please follow The Scalabrini Centre in Capetown on FB or Twitter to stay updated on other fund-raisers or to share the story on this incredible woman who we are sure will inspire many more people! Now don’t forget that even the smallest of donations will make a difference to Mrs. Masuki.


  • Oct 23, 2017 - USD $ 38.46
  • "Donating on the recommendation of Amy Shackelford. Best wishes to Mrs. Masuki!" - Adam Shackelford

  • Oct 17, 2017 - R 344.31
  • "In Solidarity! " - Katie Dozier

  • Oct 08, 2017 - R 514.10
  • "Well done, Albertine! Looking forward to hearing about the progress of your garden." - Leah Mundell

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R 45 000.00

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