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Double-Bunk for Little Fighter Family

Double-Bunk for Little Fighter Family

Personal message

Folks we have a Family who DESPERATELY needs a bunk bed!!

They have minimal space and currently our Little Fighter, her Mom and Younger Brother are all sleeping in the same double bed (which is really not cool) and the Older Brother, a young man, is sleeping on a couch that is really uncomfortable and far too short for him.

Due to space issues the best solution is a double bunk so that the two boys at least each have their own bed...

This is REALLY URGENT and not something that LFCT has the funds for so please help us to help this family to have some comfort and dignity while they are going through the awful expereience of battling Child Cancer.

We have priced beds and mattrasses, together with bedding for each of the beds (as they do not have, nor the means with which to purchase any), and this should just about cover it.


Our Mission

Providing Practical, Emotional & Educational Support to Children with Cancer and their Families and Raising Public Awareness of Childhood Cancer Early Warning Signs across South Africa.


Our Goals

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by childhood cancer affected families, guided by the following goals:

  1. Providing support with a holistic approach, ensuring that individuals, families and communities are included
  2. Treating each child with cancer and his/ her family as individuals as we understand and respect the uniqueness of each situation.
  3. The preservation of individual dignity and pride.
  4. Promoting and advocating National Childhood Cancer Awareness in an effort to increase the amount of diagnosed childhood cancer cases in South Africa - earlier diagnosis will result in a higher survival rate for children with cancer in South Africa.


Our Values

Our values provide the foundation of our organisation and the means by which we achieve our goals.

These values are:

  • Empathy and Caring
  • Respect for all
  • Maintenance of  strict confidentiality
  • Preservation of each person’s dignity and individuality
  • Integrity beyond reproach


The services the Little Fighters Cancer Trust provides can be divided into three main areas.

  1. Hospital Ward Support
  2. Individual Childhood Cancer Affected Family Support
  3. Promoting and Advocating Childhood Cancer Awareness


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  • "Its not much i can give but i'll help where i can :) Keep strong and be blessed." - Keshia Davids

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  • ":)" - Tashiana

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  • "All the best to this family, sending my love!" - Kaloti

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Little Fighters Cancer Trust

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The Little Fighters Cancer Trust supports Children with Cancer and their Families.

In cases where there is no family support structure, such as in oncology wards in Children's Homes and Places of Safety, we are often the only line of support which these young Cancer Fighters have.

Our approach to support is holistic, where we look not only at providing practical and financial support, but also concentrate hugely on emotional support and providing relief where needs, in and out of hospital, are concerned.