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Dream Degree Achievement

Dream Degree Achievement

Personal message

I am currently studying for my LLB through UNISA part-time as part of fulfilling a long time journey and dream of becoming an attorney.

The reason I require funding is that I am a breadwinner for my family and being the only working person, I have had to sacrifice certain family needs in order to pay for study fees. The reason for the sacrifice is that I take pride in my studies, as for me it’s a treasure my own parents cannot afford to leave me (due to financial lack) but are supportive towards.   

I have spent sleepless nights studying and focusing on my studies and stressing about my fees as I am currently not funded by my employer or any institution. I am driven by the fact that “my past will not determine my future." When my parents could not afford to pay for my studies, I was forced to drop-out from the Vaal University of Technology (Btech) to find work and save for my current studies.

With law being my passion, I had to wait to assist my family whilst gathering my thoughts not to give up and save. When the opportunity availed itself, I promised my parents to continue taking care of them and put myself through varsity at every cost, however, reality hit when I realised that tertiary education is more expensive than I had calculated.

I would really appreciate funding as it will allow for me to complete my studies and not allow for history to repeat itself, with me having to drop out again.


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Fundraising target

R 9 000.00

Lerato's Dream Degree Achievement

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I am hoping to raise funds for the 3rd year fees for my LLB degree.