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du Plessis School Fees Case

du Plessis School Fees Case

Personal message

My name is Menanteau, I am 36 and a single mom to the three greatest daughters. We live in Pretoria.

2019 appears to be that one year that extra costs just pile up with no extra income! And the extras are all for exciting camps, tours and veldskool that I do not want my three daughters to miss out on at all, but I also do not want to go into debt! They are truly inspirational girls, always excelling at school and making my life a joy.

Some of the camps are only due in August, some already this month (June)! I am raising funds for the Grade 6 Veldskool Camp from the 8th till the 11th of October.  And the Grade 7 Veldskool camp from the 30th of September till the 4th of October.

My oldest daughter went on her first veldskool and hockey camps last year - and it was such a great experience and learning curve for her. The stories and boost in confidence after the camp last year was amazing to see! Excitement grew now that all three have veldskool or grade camps this year - and veldskool is such a school tradition no one wants to miss out on!

Thank you for us four! It truly means the world to me to know you can ask a little help and get a hand.


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Fundraising target

R 7 500.00

du Plessis School Fees Cause

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Menanteau du Plessis, a single mother of 3 from Pretoria, is raising funds for her daughters' school camps and extracurricular activities.