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Opening an Educare Centre in Kuyasa, Khayelitsha

Opening an Educare Centre in Kuyasa, Khayelitsha

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There are no ‘government preschools’ in South Africa. Public provision of education begins in Primary School and as a result only 1 in 3children under the age of five in the country have the opportunity to attend a centre-based educare program.  Moreover, in the majority of existing community based educare centres most of the ‘learning’ that takes place is rote, families are largely sidelined, and meaningful assessment is nonexistent. The sector has major problems in terms of both quantity and quality of provision and children from low income households bear the brunt of its failures. This is problematic because early childhood is a uniquely important period in the human capital development cycle. High-quality educare/preschooling represents a life-improving intervention for individuals and an equality-promoting investment for society as a whole. Calculations by Nobel laureate, James Heckman and colleagues peg the social return on investment in high quality centre-based educare programs serving children born into low income households at 7 percent and 13 percent for those that begin at age 3 and age 6 months respectively (Heckman et al., 2010; Garcia et al., 2016). Children born into low income households who attend high-quality centre-based educare programs are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to be incarcerated later in life than their counterparts who stayed home or enrolled in low-quality programs. Various studies also show positive impacts on IQ, health, and wages (Campbell et al., 2014 ; Gertler et al., 2014). 
Researchers have started to identify the drivers of positive child outcomes in those educare/preschool programmes which have demonstrated sustainable, positive impacts. 

Earlybird’s education team has used this evidence to design an innovate around providing a high quality learning and development programme (containing all the key drivers of quality) which can be delivered affordably at scale in the South African context.

Money raised through Pia and Robert’s wedding gift will be used to open one of our high quality preschools in Kuyasa in Khayelitsha, a low-income community outside Cape Town. Gloria Nnyazi, pictured in the first collage below, is the franchisee-principal who will run the school. All of our franchisees are carefully vetted before we embark on a partnership with them. Gloria is currently running an under-resourced and unregistered creche and we are looking to use the empty space on her site to install our fully kitted-out 'edutainer' classroom infrastructure, and to help her through the process of recruiting, screening, hiring and training a team of excellent teachers, who will use our custom play-based 'Bird Seed' learning programme (the teachers are guided through the programme on tablets we provide). The end product will look a lot like one of our existing franchise preschools (second collage attached). 

A donor has already committed to covering edutainer infrastructure and classroom kitting-out costs, and we are raising funds to cover the costs of our training, curriculum, and assessment supports to the centre through its first two-years of operation. This will cost roughly R2000 per month, hence the R50000 target for the wedding gift.


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  • "This is our contribution for the dream of Rob and Pia" - Christoph Harnischmacher

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  • "Big up on South Africa! Thank you for the great time and hope this helps out!" - Ryan C.

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  • "A huge Congratulations to you both again, we were so sad we missed the big day, but from what we have seen its looks like you had the most amazing day. Look forward to celebrating with you soon x" - Ollie, Charlotte and Arabella

  • May 08, 2019 - USD $ 105.20
  • "Education is the way out of poverty! I'm glad my friend chose the donation to a social cause over a wedding gift. Best regards from Hong Kong!" - Tim & Winnie

  • May 07, 2019 - USD $ 137.32
  • "Very touching you donated your wedding gifts to charity. Inspiration to us all. Thanks again for the great hospitality. " - T+F

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  • "What an unbelievable initiative - I'd say your marriage is off to a pretty powerful start! So sad to have missed the big day but hope to have many more celebrations together. Love you guys!" - Jess & Dan (aka your biggest fans!)

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  • "A little will go a Long way down here... dig deep people! How About you have a kebap for once and donate the money you would‘ ve spend on a night out" - Big l

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Earlybird operates high-quality workplace-based preschools and we provide a subsidized version of the same high-quality education model through our community-based Blue Door franchisees. In this way, Earlybird functions as a social enterprise which uses a cross-subsidization model to drive measurable and sustainable social returns across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Every aspect of Earlybird’s early education model is designed to equip children to flourish in school and in life. Earlybird educare centres are characterised by: (i) well-trained and supported teachers who meet each child where they are at to support their individual learning and development journey, (ii) an engaging play-based learning programme underpinned by rigorous evidence, (iii) regular and meaningful family engagement.