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The Noakes Foundation is committed to spending one year educating and supporting people from previously disadvantaged communities to get better by eating better.

A community near you could, through this programme be trained on the Banting on a Budget programme The Noakes Foundation has developed through the Ocean View community pilot intervention.

This medically supervised programme is run by a team of expert doctors, nurses, and Banting educators who support people from previously disadvantaged communities to improve their health by changing their eating habits.

Our cursory study in Ocean View was dramatically successful – 98% of the candidates lost weight, inches, felt better and many who had completed the programme normalised dangerously high blood pressures within five weeks. You can view the video of how the initiative changed lives, here.

We have the team in place, the action plan ready to implement and we are ready to get the nation eating better with your support.

The impending Diabetes tsunami is set to cripple state and private healthcare in the next ten years and we urge you, especially if Banting and the work of Prof Noakes has changed your or a loved one’s life for the better, to take action and help us change the state of South Africa’s health.  You have the opportunity to give back at this critical time in our country where we are seeing children develop early dietary onset related diseases and as our country is ravaged by obesity.

To achieve our funding goal of R1,5 million which will allow us to fund at least one community per province in South Africa next year, we only need 15,000 banters to donate at least R100, today. 

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Name Comment Date Amount
Anonymous EBSA donation Oct 27, 2017 USD $ 7.39
Moses dos Santos Paying it forward. Keep doing what you are doing :) Oct 11, 2017 R 102.82
Keto-nation Fantastic initiative, keep up the good work Sep 20, 2016 USD $ 15.04
patrick michell Fighting obesity one country and one pound at a time. Goo luck. Aug 17, 2016 USD $ 78.47
Angela moodley Bant 7 day meal May 30, 2016 R 200.00
The Banting Kitchen Banting for Life!! Apr 20, 2016 R 200.00
Crave Cakes Crave Cakes Because Banting is Beautiful Apr 07, 2016 R 200.00
Angela Moodley Thank you Mar 18, 2016 R 200.00
Nadia keep fighting the good battle Prof Mar 15, 2016 R 200.00
Crave Cakes Crave Cakes Mar 11, 2016 R 200.00
O Nutricia Bless You Tim Noakes for fighting the battle to improve peoples health:) Mar 09, 2016 R 1 000.00
Dietnostix B7DMP-AD Mar 09, 2016 R 205.00
Ons Kombuis se Vars Vleis Donations from Ons Kombuis se Vars Vleis on behald of Banting 7 days Meal Plan Mar 08, 2016 R 200.00
Shalini & Seelan Thank you Prof Noakes our family have lost 40kg ion 7 months Mar 05, 2016 R 205.00
Alan Tim thank you! From 105kg to 69kg Mar 04, 2016 R 205.00
Sue Love Banting Love you prof Noakes Feb 15, 2016 R 110.00
Clive and Chelsea Johnson Prof Noakes has our full support as my daughter and myself have both benefited from this experience and plan to spread the word !! Feb 12, 2016 USD $ 30.47
Anonymous All the best Feb 12, 2016 R 110.00
Charles and Carrol North Thank you Prof Noakes for your wisdom and bravery. You have given us a new lease on life. Feb 11, 2016 R 50.00
Anonymous We thank you for giving us a lease in life Feb 11, 2016 R 307.50
PAULINE MAHLANGU MOROBE Thank you Prof Noakes for being so brave! Feb 11, 2016 R 100.00
Pierre le Grange Thanks to Prof Tim Noakes and all involved. May this revolution continue to grow and restore the health of the people. Feb 11, 2016 R 153.75
Maliaan Ellmann Thank you Prof Noakes Feb 11, 2016 R 110.00
Dennis & Michelle Noakes all the way! Feb 11, 2016 R 210.00
Petro Cloete My donation is towards the legal costs for Prof Noakes whom I thank for teaching people world wide to eat healthy. God bless you, Prof Noakes! Feb 11, 2016 R 1 110.00
Pat van der Merwe You have changed so many lives! Feb 11, 2016 R 102.50
Linda Busansky I support this amazing endeavor. Best lifestyle change I've ever made! Feb 10, 2016 R 102.50
Elly Go Tim Noakes! The best lifestyle ever! Feb 10, 2016 R 205.00
Leaine Brebner Behind you every step of the way Prof. We love you. Thanks for changing so many lives Feb 10, 2016 R 307.50
tracy Mansfield go prof noakes, my hero Feb 10, 2016 USD $ 15.10
Dallas Thanks to Tim Noakes for introducing me to a life style that has significantly improved by health Feb 10, 2016 R 205.00
elize swart thank you TIM NOAKES for helping us to be healthy..and we are with you all the way Feb 10, 2016 R 102.50
anonymous thank you for making this accessible for everyone Feb 04, 2016 USD $ 52.75
Sandra Wagner Well done, wish I could help more. Feb 02, 2016 R 102.50
Banting 101 Thank you Rita and Karen! Feb 02, 2016 R 265.00
Ute Heinzerling lets prove to the world that we are on the right track here Jan 26, 2016 USD $ 26.92
Colleen Simmonds Good luck! Jan 26, 2016 R 110.00
Kim I honour Prof Noakes for standing in the face of convention and showing us a better way - a way for us to take responsibility for our own health. Jan 25, 2016 R 205.00
Liezl Changing the world, one 'starfish' at a time. Jan 14, 2016 R 210.00
Anonymous Congrats to Ocean View! Doesn't it feel great to be low carb? Jan 07, 2016 USD $ 33.26
Green Elephant Backpackers Wonderful to support this initiative supporting our communities eat real food which is good for their health and pocket. Jan 06, 2016 R 1 010.00
Sue Kell Hooray to proving that this is not merely a rich man's eating plan Jan 05, 2016 R 1 010.00
Lynn Herbst Let's change the world and make it a healthier place! Thankyou Prof for changing my life ?? Dec 26, 2015 R 512.50
Soma Pillay Thanks Prof Noakes and team. Good luck with this great initiative. Dec 20, 2015 USD $ 34.97
Bev Streng Thank you Prof Noakes and the team, for your willingness to make this available to all of South Africa. My husband and I have been LCHF for almost 3 years and feel healthy and fit. Dec 13, 2015 R 205.00
Chris & Isabel Laas Banting is BRILLIANT ! We are both Thriving on it in the UK. Dec 13, 2015 USD $ 32.09
Kate cull Wishing health and happiness to all SAfers Dec 12, 2015 USD $ 6.64
Shirley Anspach Keep up the good work - Thank you to your wife for all her patience with us ! ! Dec 10, 2015 R 102.50
Barrie "the Banter" Paine Thanks to Prof and team for my health. 27kg down and more to go. Dec 10, 2015 R 205.00
tembisa Thank you prof you've changed my life. Dec 10, 2015 R 110.00
Vivienne Lee up the good work, Banting works! Dec 07, 2015 R 110.00
Julie Thank you for your lifesaving, life changing work! Dec 05, 2015 USD $ 52.75
Gert Erasmus Good Cause Dec 04, 2015 USD $ 7.31
MOIRA VAN NIEKERK Dankie Tim Noakes Dec 04, 2015 R 102.50
Kim Blom Let's do this! Dec 04, 2015 R 110.00
Julie Suddaby ATL - Looking forward to joining the Prof for breakfast. Hope I'll receive one of the precious tickets. Dec 03, 2015 R 102.50
Rita Fernandes Venter Thank you for changing my life Dec 03, 2015 R 1 010.00
Johann van Zyl (Smiley) Thank you Tim, Keep it up!!!!! Dec 03, 2015 R 256.25
Lizette Thank you Tim Noakes - not just for showing me the Banting way, but for everything you have done for science Dec 03, 2015 R 102.50
Anonymous All the best to you, Prof Noakes. You have my greatest respect Dec 02, 2015 R 512.50
Anonymous Changing lives! Dec 02, 2015 R 102.50
Anandie Klaasen ATL Dec 02, 2015 R 102.50
René Real RMR has changed my life! I would like to contribute to changing someone else's life too! I am forever grateful to Prof Noakes and his team! Dec 02, 2015 R 110.00
Cathryn le Roux Thank you Prof Noakes for leading us to better health! Dec 02, 2015 R 100.00
UrsulaStarley Getting healthy one bite at a time! Dec 02, 2015 R 1 000.00
Mia healthy body... healthy mind... healthy community Dec 02, 2015 R 205.00
nan govender ATL Dec 02, 2015 R 205.00
Mante Tshesane Paramount Banters care.... Dec 01, 2015 R 102.50
Chantel Guthrie ATL Dec 01, 2015 R 102.50
Stella Baker Changing to Banting has been amazing for me. I'm honoured and more than happy to be part of this movement. Dec 01, 2015 R 334.32
Paula Vee ATL Dec 01, 2015 R 100.00
Yolanda Sedlmaier R100 for every kg that I lost to date.... Happy banting! Good luck with this initiative. Dec 01, 2015 R 1 230.00
Liz Harris Keep up the motivation! Dec 01, 2015 R 102.50
Anonymous Keep up the great work Dec 01, 2015 R 512.50 With you every step of the way to empowering the health and wellbeing of all South Africans. Dec 01, 2015 USD $ 105.50
Coetzees In gratitude for better health, we'd love others to receive the information in order to make better choices. Dec 01, 2015 R 210.00
The People On The Way The truth shall set us all free :-) Fat does not make us fat, sugar does. Nov 30, 2015 USD $ 10.00
Thomsons Well done Tim Noakes Foundation! Nov 28, 2015 R 512.50
Dee In appreciaton of the wonderful change to my life. Nov 28, 2015 R 512.50
Larry Diamond Thank you so much Team Noakes for helping people live well then help others. Nov 28, 2015 USD $ 25.64
Robert Simms@rsimms007 Quote by Toni Morrison: "The function of freedom is to free someone else." Freedom is sneaky that way. Nov 28, 2015 USD $ 36.62
Anonymous For a very good cause! Nov 26, 2015 USD $ 74.15
Peter When this has succes in South Africa, it will get the attention of the world at last. Hope not to late. Nov 26, 2015 USD $ 111.22
Maureen Without Tim doing all the research and bringing us RMR we would all be worse of physically and mentally! After a lifetime of "help" from dieticians I am now healthy and happy. Long live Tim!!! Nov 26, 2015 R 205.00
Deborah Adamski Best wishes on the success of your project. Nov 25, 2015 USD $ 21.26
Anonymous Go TNF! Nov 25, 2015 USD $ 75.19
Angela Doucette I am so very grateful for LCHF - healthier now at 45 than in my 20's. I am happy to be part of this project! Nov 25, 2015 USD $ 15.94
Anonymous We are going to lead the world with Prof Tim's diet revolution. Nov 25, 2015 USD $ 37.60
Anonymous This is amazing. Nov 25, 2015 USD $ 7.52
Esther Moller Let's drive this revolution! One community at a time. LCHF will make SA healthy. #BantingAmbassadors Nov 25, 2015 R 110.00
Jessica Johns It's a lifestyle change. Nov 25, 2015 R 110.00
Gaynor Grace Elsiesriver, Cape Town Nov 25, 2015 USD $ 15.03
Yolande Yates Save the world one community at a time. Nov 23, 2015 USD $ 49.98
Cindy Alice We all have a right to great health - keep up this incredible work ~* Nov 22, 2015 USD $ 7.64
Loraine Hamm Power to the people Nov 20, 2015 R 102.50
Liesel James we truly are what we eat. i wish this initiative all the best to make SA healthier. Nov 20, 2015 R 100.00
Colleen This lifestyle has done so much for me, if I can help just one other person on the pathway to a better healthier life I am happy to do it. Nov 20, 2015 R 110.00
Darrol Fowkes EatBetterSA Nov 20, 2015 R 100.00
Jonno Proudfoot Changing the world, one meal at a time. Nov 19, 2015 R 512.50
MicheleNZ Real food for real health. Nov 17, 2015 R 1 025.00
Megan Lofthouse A wonderful project. Nov 16, 2015 R 102.50
Jayne@TNF My preferred local community is Singangwana, Mpandi, Eastern Cape. So exciting! Nov 16, 2015 R 350.00
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