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It costs R 1 700.00 to put 1 grade 12 learners through a study camp, we hope to put 300 grade 12 learners on a camp that will help them improve their marks and help them with social issues which they face on a day-to-day basis. We also seek to use this camp to curve the drop out rate for high-school learners and address the issues of depression which is affecting most learners and leads to suicide.


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Fundraising target

R 500 000.00




The sole purpose of Take Me To My Destiny NPC is to address the factors that contribute towards the poor performance of high school learners. Focusing more on home and school environmental factors stemming mainly from poverty, socio-economic issues and politics which need us to address them holistically, because of racial and gender dimensions. we have found, in the home environment, which learners struggle due to factors such as unpredictable home environment, self-concept and self-identity, parents' educational level, unemployment of parents, marital status of parents, availability of natural resources, communication style versus relationship, and educational resources at home. On the other hand, in the school environment, the following factors were identified: learner profiles which highlighted anomalies regarding attendance of classes, motivation to learn, attitude towards learning, substance abuse, the relationship between the learner and educator, the relationship between the educator's motivation and that of a learner. sensitivity towards individual needs and differences, the medium of instruction, unequal distribution of facilities and resources, decision-making by the school management team, extra-curricular activities.

As Take Me To My Destiny NPC, we realize that educational conditions attributed to the family need no emphasis, as there is an ever-increasing awareness of the importance of the parents' role in the progress and educational development of their children. And we exist to supplement that role. The family background is the most important and weighs a lot in the learners' performance. The education of Black learners has experienced a high failure rate as well as a high dropout resulting in the majority of unskilled labor. Children who need assistance with their homework become frustrated and lose hope resulting in poor performance at the end of the academic year with results that prevent them from meeting university entrance requirements.

The project will contribute to improving the learner's performance and equip them with critical thinking skills. it will also help contribute effectively to changing the economy and environmental factors.

The purpose of the project is to offer free tutoring, career guidance, motivation, and entrepreneurial skills, not forgetting the extramural activities.