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Climate Change Short Film

Personal message

The script was written by Edward du Toit and Edited by Carolyn Gous. The film will also be produced, directed and edited by Edward du Toit, with co-director as Angelene van Niekerk.
All actors and crew members will be volunteers, and appetisers through production will be sponsored by Sonja’s Kitchen.

The reason why I choose to do a short film is because:
• It would reach a bigger audience
• It’s gvies a powerful message through entertainment which makes it more enjoyable to watch and more likely to take action afterwards
• We’ll bring the community closer together by getting them involved and it would give people who are interested in acting, filmmaking etc. exposure.
• Films are ageless and can be reused for future projects
• Emotion driven advertisements are more likely to get engagement
• By looking at my previous online  advertisements my short films reach the most people compared to my other products.

By donating your not only contributing towards a healthy sustainable environment for yourself but also for future generations, aswell as giving struggling actors and filmmakers exposure and potentially a job opportunity while bringing the community together.

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Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

Edward du Toit Film Cause

Edward du Toit Film Cause Logo

I would like to support saving our planet and give exposure to upcoming actors and film makers by using my different skills. I want to make an diverse environmental short film to evoke emotion and give awareness to climate change. I will be sharing the film on social media and also stream it at a live event.