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Save The Puppies!

Save The Puppies!

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We moved to South-Korea just over a month ago, and after doing some exploring, we came across the little girl in the photo and her sister in a pet shop. They are covered in fleas, and they appear to have worms too! The conditions in which they are kept are horrible! They are expected to "live" in small, glass cages and have very little space to move around. (This seems to be the norm!) We expressed our concerns and were told to leave the shop.

After soliciting some help from a local to overcome the language barrier, the owner explained that the puppies are getting too big and will soon be sold back to the "breeder" as he is closing shop!! This means that these two girls will just be used to produce more and more puppies!

These girls are in serious need of vet care and a loving home, which we can provide! The shop owner further explained that if both girls are taken together, he will let them go at a discounted price. However disgusting this situation sounds, our goal is to save these girls from the vicious and toxic cycle as quickly as possible. If there were any other ways, we would NOT "support" this shop owner!

We cannot stop these people from doing what they're currently doing, but we can save 2 lives from falling into the wrong hands yet again!

Please help us save these 2 girls from a life they do not deserve!

Money raised will be used to save the puppies from the shop owner, and stop these dogs from being used for solely breeding purposes!


  • Sep 19, 2019 - R 60.00
  • "Good luck" - Alet Halforty

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Elandre Strydom Animal Cause

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My name is Elandre Strydom and I have recently moved to South Korea for work.  I've found 2 little puppies in a pet shop that are in a terrible condition.  If they are not sold, they will be sent back to the puppy-mill and be used for breeding purposes.  I would like to adopt them and give them a good, safe, happy lives!