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Emmanuels Chronic kidney Disease Fight

Emmanuels Chronic kidney Disease Fight

Funds Raised:
R 3 236
Fundraising Target:
R 250 000

Personal message

Admitted to Hospital again! Just feeling short of breath, wheezing chest and fever 😞 Trusting God will pull me through 🙏🏻 Prayers are welcomed and appreciated. 
Good day Everyone,
I am Emmanuel Classen, I am 38 years old and I have been married now for 12 years and we have a 10-year-old daughter.
I would like to tell you about my journey over the past few years fighting CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) stage 4/5. I was diagnosed in mid-2021 with stage 4 CKD, with a kidney function of 16 percent at the time. It was due to having high blood pressure for almost 8 years, and the medication I took led to my kidneys being affected by it. I was in and out by of local clinics with high blood pressure that continuously was over 250/170 every time and not one doctor or nurse ever thought to check my kidney function! Now, almost 3 years in with this disease, it progressed to stage 5 and I now have a kidney function of 3 percent. I was diagnosed at Tygerberg Hospital but they told me I am not approved to go onto their waiting list for a kidney transplant or to be referred to the dialysis unit because my heart was also affected. I was blatantly told they couldn't help me and that the best way forward for me was getting on medical aid. I was fortunate to get a permanent job at that same time, and they offered medical aid at the company. 
So now I have been on dialysis for the last 8 months after having to wait 12 months for the medical aid to kick in, so I can be able to use it to go on dialysis and this treatment is actually keeping me alive because my kidney function is still at 3 percent and should I ever lose my job or not be able to work anymore then I will not be able to pay for my medical aid to continue on dialysis treatment, I could die in a month (God forbid) if i don't receive dialysis. I have been in and out of hospital for the past 8 months, and every time I stayed for 1 week at a time, I was in the hospital again recently (30th August to 6th September 2023) for lung infection /pneumonia, contracted it while laying in ICU 2 weeks before this and because my body's immune system is giving in and I can feel my body not getting better, yes I am on dialysis 3days a week, and this is taking a toll on me, mentally and physically.
I am continuously tired, aches and pains throughout my body, and I am starting to feel like I won't be able to work any longer. And I am the main breadwinner in our family. I want to ask for your help with everyday necessities should the day come that I am going to need money to pay for my medical aid (which is R3300pm) so I can go on receiving dialysis and maybe one day be put on the transplant list to receive a kidney. 
I am not a person to ask for charity, I have always worked very hard for my family and still am. My wife does bring in a small salary but it's not enough to keep us afloat should I not be able to get a salary anymore because I don't know how much longer I will be able to go on working, the way I am feeling drained. 
I am asking for you all to help a fellow human being, and every cent makes a difference. I thank you in advance, and I ask God to bless each one who finds it in their hearts to help me. 
Thank you! 
Emmanuel Classen 


  • Jan 17, 2024 - R 200.00
  • "I believe that Father God will perform His perfect will in your life Manny. Stay strong my brother." - Anonymous

  • Nov 11, 2023 - USD $ 10.68
  • "Stay strong bro 💪" - Anonymous

  • Sep 30, 2023 - R 100.00
  • "" - Anonymous

  • Sep 15, 2023 - R 100.00 Fees covered
  • "Emanuel you are highly favored by God, loved by many friends and family.. you're a great husband, father, son and friend.. don't let this get you down.. you're strong and you'll get through this with God and everyone else whose with you on this road." - Stacey-Lee

  • Sep 13, 2023 - R 500.00 Fees covered
  • "Praying for you and with you. 😇" - Alison Alexander

  • Sep 12, 2023 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "Fight the good fight buddy. You are in my prayers" - Anonymous

  • Sep 12, 2023 - R 500.00 Fees covered
  • "Hope and Faith Buddy!" - Anonymous

  • Sep 11, 2023 - R 100.00 Fees covered
  • "Keep fighting buddy there's a light and the end of the tunnel, just keep the faith 👍" - Anonymous

  • Sep 09, 2023 - R 500.00
  • "Wishing you all the best Emmanuel 🙏" - Abigail cupido

  • Sep 08, 2023 - USD $ 16.93 Fees covered
  • "" - Anonymous

  • Sep 08, 2023 - USD $ 21.61 Fees covered
  • "" - Anonymous

  • Sep 08, 2023 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "4 Even though I walkthrough the darkest valley,[a] I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. My prayer is that the Lord will touch you and heal you in the name of Jesus, He is Jehova Rapha. God bless you." - Anonymous

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R 250 000.00

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Emmanuels Chronic Kidney Disease Fight Campaign

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Life with dialysis........

At hospital 3 days a week and have to sit 4hours for treatment each time, this is my new normal! It's bitter/ sweet as i loose those 4 hours away from my wife and child, But I believe God is with me and this one day to shall pass!

Thank you all for donating! God bless you all for you prayers.....