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Support Emotional WellBeing Retreat for Black Teen Boys & Black Young Adult Males

Support Emotional WellBeing Retreat for Black Teen Boys & Black Young Adult Males

Personal message

Who are you?  We are an organisation that uses an  African Indigenous Centred Approach to coaching, personal growth and human development. We carry the understanding that every behaviour has root causes, every child belongs in a family unit and that every family has its unique development nodes. All those nodes affect a child's growth either positively  or negatively. Our mission is to  use information education   to promote self-aware, personal responsibility in teenagers to be the drivers of their own development and be conscious of their contribution (both positive & negative) in an ever changing global world and be a feeder to Formal education institutions.     

What do you do? - I would like to run a fundraiser to raise funds for Boys Camps as well as Young Adults Males (13 to 25yr olds). My organisation focuses on the emotional well-being of black boys who often find themselves with emotional & mental challenges and no support. There is a rapid rise of suicide ideation & suicide in this age groups as well as substance abuse that is getting out of hand. One of the biggest caused being emotional issues that have not been tackles. Our approach is holistically looks at career development, family dynamics and overall personal development.

What are you crowdfunding for, be specific? - We are crowdfunding for emotional, mental and personal growth group based 3 to 4 days Retreats (also known as Camps) for black boys & black male young adults. 

What impact will it have on the organisation if you raise the funds? - The impact will mainly be on alleviating emotional pressure that a lot of young men hold which is often the biggest cause for some of the ills we see i our society. Also the greater focus has been on the girl child, yet boys or young men need support too.

Why should the donors donate? - Please donate to help us create a much more emotionally healthy society, also a great majority of parents are battling to get through to their young men and also most cannot afford initiatives that will help them know that their young men are at least being listened to and given support. A majority of the violence we see in our community is done by either boys or young men, when there is  no healthy outlet often they become self destructive or destructive to others. A lot of the issues of the boy child are highly misunderstood. With our 28yr experience in this field, we believe that we have the expertise to start the process towards them mastering themselves better and planning their lives with clear & better intentions.


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Fundraising target

R 300 000.00

Mayine Foundation NPC

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An African Centered Approach to personal growth and emotional well-being support for, teenagers, young adults and families.

We would like to set up this fundraising account to focus raising funds for Boy Child emotional wellbeing support, young adults males as well as their involved fathers as we usually look at overall family based support and interventions.