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EmpowHer Fight Club

EmpowHer Fight Club

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ManHer Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Organization has started this initiative because of the growing rate of violence against women and children. 1 Woman is murdered every 4 hours in South Africa and femicide has grown in an alarming rate as femicide attracts the attention of media all around. In 2016, South Africa had the 4th highest female interpersonal violence death rate internationally.

Women and children are more vulnerable and susceptible to acts of rape and murder and if we as an Organization is able to change lives by equipping them with the necessary skills to defend and protect themselves or others then that is exactly what we are going to do.

We would like to appeal to all to assist us by raising funds for self defence classes for the underprivileged women and children that cannot afford these classes. If we can change one person's life, the ripple effect thereof will save so many others.

Walking out of your front door as a woman or child, living in fear of what might happen to you is no way to live, but if we can help them walk out with skills to defend themselves then let's give them a life of  "Living Without Fear"

                                                               Let's EmpowerHer! 


  • Sep 17, 2019 - R 51.41
  • "I am backing your initiative because I one of my sisters were raped and murdered. You are doing great work." - Barry

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R 150 000.00

ManHers Mentorship & Entrepreneurship Organization

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“The initiative is something we believe in and absolutely sure that the purpose thereof will aid in decreasing unemployment in South Africa by equipping youth with tools they do not realise they possess, themselves. We want to give them hope and have them believe in their ability, their passion but most of all that dream everyone says they will fail at, a dream big enough to change their lives and that of the “Generation Next.”

”OD® initiated this initiative believing in its purpose and its mandate to change lives.

“OverDose® Urban Apparel was Monique Williams(Founder & CEO) saviour. Being a drug addict myself, I have been sober since 2008 and designing streetwear was my saving grace.

We would like to help young people across the country that have no financial resources and living with drug addiction which diminishes the achievement of their dreams and potential.

We at OverDose® would like to give that same hope, enthusiasm, overcoming obstacles and challenges to our youth of South Africa.

We want to make a difference, so they can make a difference.”