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Help me smile again

Help me smile again

Personal message

Hi, my name is Etienne Steyn, I am 55 and I live in Hartbeesfontein. I take care of my elderly parents who live with me, so finances are tight and there is no money to spend on things I personally need.

Through no fault of my own, I had lost all of my teeth. I have no medical aid as I work for myself as a freelance caterer and most of the money made is used to take care of the household expenses. There is no spare cash to have dentures made. It has made me very self-conscious as I find it embarrassing to speak to anyone without having any teeth. My dream is to be able to smile at people again and get my self-confidence back. I would appreciate all the help that I can get.

I will need funds as soon as possible. Donations will be used for my dental consultation. It would give me back my self confidence and enable me to smile freely and live a normal live again

*Funds raised will be paid directly to Dr Herman Botha Dental Surgeon*


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Etienne Steyn Dental Cause

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Help Etinenne from Hartbeesfontein raise funds to put towards getting a set of dentures!