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Etrezia and Francois River University

Etrezia and Francois River University

Funds Raised:
R 0
Fundraising Target:
R 200 000

Personal message

I'm starting this to help Etrezia and Francois to go and study the Lords words they have a scholarship so we need to raise money for there flights and accommodation and to help them. And they've got a calling in there life to serve the lord.

So I'm asking as a grandmother to help these two kids of myne. Achieve their dreams of serving the Lord and spreading his word. Even if its just a little we can donate that also helps them. 
Thanks to everyone and may the Jesus bless each and everyone helping them achieve there dreams. Amen


Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

Etrezia and Francois River University Campaign