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Help Eugene See

Help Eugene See

Personal message

My name is Tienie Swart, and my son and I live in Boksburg.  I am a single mother and can't afford the lenses my son needs to save his eyesight.

Eugene had normal vision until he started having problems with the blood vessels in his eyes, and he started losing his sight.  Right now he has 60% vision in his right eye, and only 20% in his left eye.  He is writing Matric this year and it's taking it's toll on him.  The loss of his eyesight is affecting every aspect of his life, and I am terrified of it getting any worse. 

There are special, corrective lenses that might save his eyesight.  Without them the Optomestrist said Eugene might lose his eyesiht completely by the end of next year.  Our medical aid doesn't cover the costs of the lenses and we have to pay for it ourselves. 

Eugene has dreams of becomic a truck mechanic when he finishes his Matric.  His first choice was joining the Army, but with his poor eyesight, that is no longer an option.

This is our last option to try and save Eugene's eyesight, and help him live a normal life. 



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Eugene Swart Eyesight Cause

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My name is Tienie Swart, and I need your help for my son Eugene.  Eugene started losing his eyesight a while back and now only has 60% vision in his right side and only 20% in his left.  He needs special, corrective lenses that the medical aid unfortunately doesn't cover.