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Cynthia Khoza, a mom of 49 years, has been working for me and my wife since 2011. Her only daughter Angela is a 13 year-old Grade 9 learner in a school in New Castle, Natal and comes to visit her mom once or so per year.  I want to raise funds to bring Angela to Johannesburg and enrol her in a local school (Queens High School) so that she can be close to her mom.

The large amount stated would go towards monthly school fees and accommodation in the school’s hostel, but doing so over THREE YEARS (Grade10 in 2019, Grade11 in 2020 and Grade12 in 2021). R180,000.00 over three years would be R60,000.00 per year and be made up of R1,000pm school fees (not including books, sports gear, library and computer class fees etc.) plus R3,900pm accommodation fees that also include three meals per day. The funds amount to R12,000.00 + R46,800.00 = R58,800.00 for the 2019 year (2019 price list.) The school principal offered to assist financially, or else the before mentioned amount would have been about R12,000 per year more. We were also informed that the possibility exist for Angela to receive a sports-scholarship should she have the potential to play girls cricket, so further adding relief to this project. All funds will be paid directly from you, to the BackABuddy project account, and from there directly to the school itself. Should funds be raised, but not to the needed level, we will keep this project running but change it towards one that would raise funds for appropriate tertiary studies when 2022 arrives.

I have worked at Queens High School for the last year, and have been impressed with what a government school can achieve when the people who bind it together, believe in the same outcome.. Should this plea work out, I will be very eager to see how Angela's studies progress at the new school, as she has much potential as can be see from her results in the primary school [Top5 Learner (Grade4, 2013) ; Best Achievement in Mathematics (Grade5A, 2014) ; Best Achievement in Social Sciences (Grade5A, 2014)], although and I suspect it is in part due to the lack in the day to day and emotional support that she craves from her immediate family, she has not achieved such high marks recently.. 

Would you please earnestly consider supporting us in bringing this small family together again (Angela's father passed away when she was a few months old), so that they can support one another in a healthy and happy way. My wife and I have donated towards this cause and hope you will too. If our project does not manage to make a realistic deposit into this BackABuddy account by the end of November 2018, we will be too late for admission to the school for 2019, and Angela will have to live life without her mom for another year..

Would you please consider this seriously? Thank you for reading this message, kind regards, Cynthia Khoza, Johann and Teresa Nel.


  • Oct 24, 2018 - R 514.10
  • "Dear Cynthia, we hope that this donation and project will bless you and assist towards bringing your family together." - Johann and Teresa Nel

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A young school girl is removed from her mother's care due to financial constraints, I want to reunite the family by helping the young girl to go to school for the next three years, where she can be close to her mother.