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FATC's Angel Project

FATC's Angel Project

  • By: The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, Local Emakhazeni Community Partners, Creative Feel, Buz Publicity, The Ar(t)chive, Embodiment Now and Zebra 360 Online Marketing
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FATC and its partners making up a local Distribution Identitifcation Network (DIN)Creative Feel, Buz Publicity, The Ar(t)chive, Embodiment Now and Zebra 360 Online Marketing are working at staging an emergency intervention in direct response to the arrival of Covid-19 and the devasting socio-economic impacts, resulting from the necessary lockdown, on local residents on the margins in rural Emakhazeni. This intervention is in support of those whose disproportionate disadvantages have been magnified in this COVID-19 crisis.  

The South African constitution states that everyone has the right to have access to healthcare services, reproductive healthcare, sufficient food and water and social security or social assistance if they are unable to support themselves and their dependents.

Prior to lockdown and the shutdown of the economy, Mpumalanga’s youth unemployment was estimated at 89%, locally unemployment across all ages was above 40%, HIV infection and prevalence was also above 40%, with 1 in 4 citizens dependent on social grants. The alarming statistics and deep challenges characterising Mpumalanga and confronting the local Emakhazeni community have been exponentially amplified with the shutdown of the large tourism sector in the area, the total closure of the informal economy and the slowdown in the agricultural and mining sectors. This has additionally resulted in lost opportunities for casual labour,  through which many citizens, including local arts and culture practitioners, were able to eke out a living.
FATC has conducted baseline research within its beneficiary network and has discovered that a large number of households have not been able to access government relief programmes or are struggling with the new demands of a Covid-19 reality.
Across all communities, it is important to note that many institutions that are now closed, such as Disability Centres, Schools and Boarding Schools (all local farm children, for example, are usually housed at the large scale Emakhazeni Boarding school) provided meals to their respective constituents.  With this support no longer available the burden has been transferred to already struggling families, that now find themselves out of work or with reduced income and additional responsibilities to carry.

In order to bridge the disadvantage brought on and exaggerated by the COVID-19 climate, FATC’s ANGEL PROJECT aims to sustain 200 households (800 to 1000 individuals) with a monthly Sustenance Parcel including food, sanitary products, masks (once-off) and hand sanitizer for a 6-month period.

The following items reflect the full resource requirements for FATC’s ANGEL PROJECT. The need is overwhelming as we all know and FATC’s only concern is to ensure the sustenance of local communities.

1. Food and Personal Hygiene Sustenance Packs - R 720 000.00

a. FATC is mobilizing local shops and their respective supply chains - in order to put together a monthly sustenance pack that has been formulated based on the Operation Hunger monthly food pack, additional input has been provided by local Community Leaders in the Health Sector and “Friendly” Organisations from National Programmes involved in similar interventions.

b. Each food pack has been formulated to provide sufficient nutritional and calorific value to sustain a family of 4 people for a 1 month period.

c. In aid of personal hygiene maintenance for the girls and women who make up the majority of FATC’s beneficiary community, the project has included Sanitary Products for Women and Girls, as critical items on account of affordability and Covid-19 support interruptions. For a great number of women, access to sanitary products is an expense which households cannot manage, (opting instead for make-shift, unhygienic or dubious re-useable options) and a need that is often facilitated through the school system for our adolescent beneficiaries. With schools being closed, and hygiene being an increased priority concern for already disadvantaged groups and individuals with the presence of COVID-19, alongside pre-existing intersecting limitations like water-supply and lack of well-kept private facilities affecting some areas, this is a gap that needs bridging.

d. These Food and Personal Hygiene Sustenance Packs form the core of the project and the major need in sustaining Families in Distress during this time.

e. Sufficient Nutritional and Calorific support is critical in supporting healthy immune systems and well as taking care of the overall well-being of the beneficiaries.

f. The cost per pack of R 600.00 per household per month.

g. The following list details the Sustenance Pack contents and values:

Sugar 2kg; Tea 200bags; Full cream milk long life x 6; Maize meal x 5kg; Rice x 5kg; Samp x 5kg; Beans x 1kg; Lentils, 500g; Soup mix 500g; Sunflower Oil 750ml; Salt 500g; Tins of Pilchards x 10; Peanut butter 1kg; Jik  500ml; Sunlight hand soap x 4; Ladies Sanitary Products.

2. Fabric Masks - R 56 000.00

a. In support of the National Governments call and resulting regulations, FATC will be working closely with a local Female Black Owned Business to manufacture 2 fabric face masks for each of the 800 beneficiaries receiving the Sustenance Packs.

b. As reflected throughout SA’s national response to securing the health of communities and in particular at-risk individuals and Vulnerable Members of Communities a holistic approach is required as no vaccine or medical treatment is available yet and will not be for the foreseeable future. This approach includes personal hygiene, social/physical distancing and from level 4 Lockdown implementation covering our faces with fabric masks when in public. In addition to the critical Physical Sustenance, FATC’s ANGEL PROJECT is working to  support the holistic approach required to slow the spread to Covid-19, by flattening the curve to ensure Health Systems and Infrastructure are not overwhelmed.

3. Alcohol-Based hand sanitizer - R 72 000.00

a. In further support of the aforementioned Holistic Approach required, FATC’s ANGEL Project will procure Hand sanitiser from a Mpumalanga Based Youth Black Female owned SME, based in Nelspruit. 500Ml of Alcohol-based hand sanitiser formulated according to WHO specifications will be distributed along with the sustenance pack to each household each month for a period of 6 months.

b. As for the Face Masks, the Hand sanitiser not only contribute the national Pandemic response plan but also will make a material contribution to the financial stability of local SME’s.

4. Epilepsy SA support request

a. During FATC’s baseline research, and reaching out to its Local Beneficiary community, Epilepsy SA Mpumalanga/Limpopo Head office and Full-time care facility based in Dullstroom, Emakhazeni, indicated that while their food provision where sufficient, currently areas of need included, toilet paper, cleaning products, sugar and margarine.

b. As part of FATC's holistic and Inclusive response, we believe it is critical to work to mobilize support for the most vulnerable members and often Forgotten members of our communities.



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The ANGEL PROJECT is an emergency intervention that aims to sustain 200 households that have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, in rural Emakhazeni, Mpumalanga. It will provide a Sustenance Parcel including food, sanitary products, masks and hand sanitizer to approximately 800 – 1000 people for a 6-month period.

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative is appealing to our friends, partners and Angels to assist us in realizing this ambitious but critical life-sustaining project.

Any contribution you can make will be appreciated – NO amount is too small.

Please help us help those on the margins, in urgent need.

The ANGEL PROJECT is initiated by The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC), one of SA’s most respected and reputable arts organisations with a 25-year history of arts activism and social justice. FATC has extensive community support for The ANGEL PROJECT through its arts programming network in the area. Through this network of people, households in most urgent need and distress will be identified, enabling the ANGLE PROJECT to make direct deliveries of sustenance packs to their doors.

For more details on the project click this link for FATC's Angel Project Detailed Letter of Appeal feature on the website of partner Creative Feel.