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Fine Art for a living

Fine Art for a living

Personal message

My name is Fortunate Kelefetswe, I live in Brits, NW Province, South Africa. for those who can, I'm asking for some assistance as I try to help some people and make a difference - no matter how small. A few years ago I learn one or two things about fine arts - painting oil paints, etc. this is a hobby I so love and glad to have been taught and I believe it was for a greater purpose that I came to learn about this.

Now and again, if not always, I find myself confronted by the need out there. and of course often wonder, in every situation, what can I do to make an impact/difference.  One thing I know I can do is to teach some people how to make art pieces/paintings and sell them for a living. and so that's what I'm asking for help for.  I currently have a small group of unemployed people in Mothothlong that I started teaching art. and will soon be starting another group of Malawians (nearby Damdoryn) - who face tremendous struggles financially (having been driven out of their countries and away from their families because of lack) it is hard, and yet I find they are such amazing people. I'm hoping this skill can better their lives.  So I'm asking for help specifically for art supplies (paints, canvasses, brushes, easels, etc.) any donation can be in the form of these supplies (not necessarily money). As these will make a way for them to make the initial artworks and go sell them in the stalls/flea markets, online, shops, etc etc.

I am fundraising for people who are unemployed yet keeping a great attitude and hope of a better tomorrow.  These are both South Africans and Malawians - so far. who face tremendous struggles because they simply can not afford even the basic daily necessities, e.g. food, clothes, shelter, a bed to sleep in etc.  The provision of art supplies will mean people CAN do art. and that the people concerned are able to make some form of income and support their families from it. And for some, it will mean even the ability to visit their family back home in Malawi and send them money for school, food, etc. and of course for some of the people, it will mean even a bed to sleep on and food to eat.

The funds will be used to buy art supplies for the people who are doing art classes as I am giving the lessons without charge.
We need to buy the below for 12 pupils.
- Lots of canvasses in different sizes (bearing in mind they are just learning)
- oil paints
- paintbrushes
- Gessos
- turpentines
- Easels - small and large ones
- a few tables

*As per the campaign creator's request, funds raised will be transferred directly to the Vision of Hope Brits Charity from where it will be managed.*


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Fundraising target

R 52 500.00

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