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Hello everyone I'm Finns daddy,sjoe where do I start it's been a very long journey for me and my wife and our little girl Blair.finn was born at 37 weeks his weigh was 2.08 and has alot of competitions he went for his 1st big operation when he was only 2days old didn't know if he would make it but he did, he is such a strong little boy. 
His first operation was his esophagus grew to his lungs so they had to cut them off and rejoin them, at the same time his upper trachea and bottom trachea was collapsing , he has Gasroesophageal reflux disease and has a problem with drinking the bottle so we have to feed him through a tube with a machine,  he has been in and out of theater 14times. He has been sent home after 9 months being in the NICU with oxygen because his lungs are damaged.  It will heal with time thats why we need a nurse at night to watch finn ,It's come to a time that we have to ask for help to pay for his night nurse at home medical aid won't cover that,any donations would be so great full and appropriated . Please if you could share this with other people 
Much love mccamon family


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