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 Home affairs aiming to break my family a part!

Home affairs aiming to break my family a part!

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Since 2017 and we have been battling in everywhere to remain united as one family. But, the department of home affairs had another opinion.

  The procedure for the renewals of visas to foreigners married to South Africans has been complicated.    Despite the existence of children, the renovation process remains Precaution. A whole family faces this ordeal. Specially me, the father and only supporter to this family. I'm facing family break down because of careless home affairs.   Without addressing the issue, paying immigration lawyers, renewal procedures and fees. It has been found that it would be impossible to go further with renewal process within South Africa.   "You must leave and apply again from Cairo" that's what I have been told by an immigration officer who I have asked for help.   My company was made aware of the suitation. They have decided to terminate my contract. They are considering being pursued by Department of home affairs.   My family have decided that we all have to leave together back to Egypt. None of my children deserves to stay away from daddy, not even for 1 minute.   I have no income or a job that I can relay on. No financial support could be reached. I have tried but failed to get the attention of airline companies to offer a complementary tickets. Not even a discount considering my family's high risk situation.    I have managed to arrange the expenses for their passports. But, the current financial situation is not allowing everyone to have airline tickets. The family consists of 2 adults and 2 children.    All I'm asking for is getting help to arrange airline tickets for everyone.   PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY. 


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I'm in a situation where I have to either leave the country without my family or challenge Department of Home Affairs and stay in SA but I will be chased as illegal foreigner.