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Fonso's Bakery

Fonso's Bakery

Personal message

I am Siobhan Alfonso, raising funds for Fonso's bakery. 
The owner Charles, his wife Annemari as well as the Fonso's bake team members.

I am raising funds for our family bakery, a very well known little place in the heart of Kempton Park. 

As most people know, Charles, Annemari and the Fonso's bake team always participate in Charity events, where they donate rolls and goods to the less fortunate. They also have a special bin in the bakery just for the less fortunate to help themselves when hungry. 

During the Lockdown Level 5 of the pandemic, they were unable to trade and therefore didn't generate any income to pay staff, utilities etc. We are  taking this opportunity to raise funds to get them back up, and for every R1 donated, 25c will go towards feeding the less fortunate in our surrounding areas.

This campaign will help the Fonso's Bakery get back up, pay their bills and most importantly their loyal staff members. It will also give them chance to give back to the community during this very scary time.

The funds will be used to pay staff members their wages, pay the utilities to keep baking, and feed the less fortunate.

For every R1 donated, Fonso's will give 25c towards the less fortunate.


  • May 12, 2020 - R 100.00
  • "

    Hope this helps with your cause

    " - Andre

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Donations to date

R 100.00

Fundraising target

R 45 000.00

Fonsos Bakery Support Cause

Fonsos Bakery Support Cause Logo

Siobhan Alfonso is raising funds to support Fonso's bakery run by Charles and Annemari in the heart of Kempton Park.

Funds raised will keep the bakery going and a percentage will be given to those in need.